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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Domestic Goddess

Thank you for all the spa well wishing. I had a wonderful indulgent weekend, which was over all too soon. It was very tiring having to do nothing, although the cocktails we drank may have added to the drowsiness!!
I came back refreshed and revitalised. Monday morning saw me up with the larks (well bloody great seagulls who are tormenting us with a chorus on the roof every morning at the mo!!) and I had baked, washed, hung out, tidied up all before I would usually have been dressed :)
The boys were then taken to a new park, and home for lunch all without the relaxation fading.....then afternoon came and they all argued and woke the baby and I got grumpy!!
But it was good whilst it lasted.
I am continuing the motivated mummy thing - homemade rolls for the picnic in the park yesterday...homemade biccies in the jar today....all the washing is up to date and the ironing is too...almost!!

The little boys went to bed very early tonight, grandparents wore them out on the beach, so I decided to do something with the cherries off the tree in the garden. I picked them all yesterday as they were feeling very soft and I didn't want them to rot on the tree.
(Sadly.....I forgot to take pics....well I thought I had but they have disappeared!!)
We chose a morello cherry, but they were still a bit sour to eat, and we don't really do desserts unless we have guests so I got out my preserving pan........(well mums old pressure cooker base!!!) and made jam.
Because according to saint nigella, "this is what you should do with any fruit you come across that is perhaps too sour to eat - the sourness aids the setting." Ok she was speaking about greengages but I think she meant the principle to be applied across the whole fruit family!!!

There was only 12oz so I have just got 1 jar out of them but it wasn't a chore. Jam and Chutney making is my favourite of all domestic goddess chores. There is something so satisfying about cooking to hoard!! I was always taken by Laura Ingalls Wilders descriptions in Little House of ma's storecupboard, with things salted and preserved for winter, I'm sure its stayed with me and thats why I get my kicks filling my little cupboard up :)

Cherry Jam ( with bad sun glare!) pictured with last months chutney making results - the red onion one was made because I had a glut of over purchased onions in the cupboard, and the plum and apple because I had plums I needed to use. I don't make huge quantities at a time so its quick and can be done whilst I cook tea!!

I don't follow a recipe as such for chutney, I glance to check the fruit to vinegar/sugar ratio's but apart from that I wing it....spiced apple and plum is a sweetish chutney flavoured with cinnamon, the red onion has garlic in.

Next up is grapefruit and ginger marmalade to use the grapefruits in my fridge bought because I was dieting (ha!) and beetroot chutney with the beetroots I have grown in the garden that are ready to go!

We have another weekend away this week.....then I hope things will calm down a bit and I can take the cover off my sewing machine and get out thrifting again. Haven't bought any vintage embroidered fabric for ages!!!


bekimarie said...

You are a true domestic goddess!
Now go careful or you'll be putting the rest of us to shame.
Beki xxx

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

They look amazing, I love the cute labels!!

Shabby Chick said...

Mmmmm bet that jam will be delicious! You may have inspired me to have a go at jam (always been nervous before)

Mel xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

You domesticated queen!
It looks so delicious.
I need to find my jam pan now. ;)

Floss said...

Fantstic! Our cherry jam was over in May, and we are onto blackberries now... But my husband is the true Domestic God of jam-making in our home. I'm only a demi-godess who helps.

MelMel said...

Last time I made jam was with my Granny many moons ago!

Bet it tastes as good as it looks!x

MelMel said...

You have an award!x

Anonymous said...

Cherry Jam !!!! Yum I just love cherries.

Anonymous said...

I'm so nervous about making jam - don't have the guts to try! Looks fabulous though...

I went to the PO yesterday, so you should have a deilvery tomorrow too! :D xx

Felicity said...

we went to the park this morning and my little boy was a real grump too! the jam sounds yummy! fliss xx

Pomona said...

I agree with you about storing things! Great to discover your lovely blog - someone after my own heart!

Pomona x