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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

not at home...

Away at my parents this week - and tomorrow will be going out...yes out...without a baby hanging off my chest...I may even wear a bra without flip top lids in celebration!!!

Going to the cinema with my lovely sister in law to see this -

....can't wait!!!

To the see a film with more than a PG rating.....woo hoo!!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

rain stops play

I had all good intentions of getting up and going to the crap big car boot today-I figure if I don't go, I can't whinge I never get a bargain - did the getting up but it was lobbing down so had to stay home. I filled the freezer with pureed fruit and veg for the baby instead! Thrillsville!
Rain stopped all play today so we pottered - listened to the 'I'm bored' moaning from eldest boys - and I collected the chairs from the lovely Julia from Freecycle.

Look at my chairs! Well chair - but you get the idea!! (sorry for pants pic - I was in a hurry!!)
I love them - they need a good scrub but eventually these will be round my table along with some other mismatched chairs.

OH made me put them in the loft until I get round to them - I seriously need to stop collecting new projects til i have completed some outstanding ones!!

So that was my day...that and packing for trip north to mothers for half term. Hoping to do some bargain shopping while I am there (without children with any luck). May not post this week, so I'll leave you with a pic of my 25p each pillowcases I got last weekend - now washed and pressed so ready to be used. TTFN x

Friday, 23 May 2008


I've been tagged by sharie at view to the hill and raspberry grace - so here goes:

1 What were you doing 10 years ago:

I was 25 and had a just 3 year old and a 6month baby - fast forward 10years and I have a 3yr old and an almost 6month baby again!! :) Who says life never moves forward!!

2. 5 things on my to do list today

Paint shelf unit, corner cupboard, stool or sideboard, well at least start the sanding (I have so many things I want to do but not enough hours!)

Pick up 2 wicker dining chairs from a lovely lady I've met before on freecycle. (OH not aware of this yet sshh!!)

Pack to go up to my parents for half term.

Wash the case of minging stuff eldest has brought back from school holiday.

Have a think about what I will make for a crafty swap over on the shabby chic forum - strawberries and cream theme - i know what I'd like to make but my swap partner would probably think one of the boys had done it!!!

3,Snacks I enjoy

Ooh cruel! I am on a diet! So at the minute its fat free yoghurt and bananas!! But...chocolate - any variety, crisps - walkers preferably marmite but any really, cake (oh man I love de cake!!), biscuits especially shortbread - -can you see whyI need to diet!!!

4. Things I would do if I were a millionaire

Private education for my 10yr old - there is no provision for clever but different in state schools - he is at a good school and is still being let down by the system.

Buy a rambling old farmhouse with a walled kitchen garden and have chickens!

Share some!

Start up a bead and button business! I like frivolous prettiness!

Boob uplift (feeding 4 babies has taken its toll!) ;) and tummy tuck (ditto!) - I'm very shallow, sorry!!

5. Places I have lived

My dad was in the RAF so lived Lincolnshire, Bucks, Leicestershire before moving to South Yorkshire at 10, then Middlesex, Norfolk and now Suffolk!

Now I have to tag others so

poohs abode
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a more green and simple life
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country heart and home

Rules are - answer the 5 questions, then tag others.
All this blogland stuff is new to me - but have learnt tagging is a shameless tout to get folk back to your blog...very clever!!! Now I better go and get some ideas to make this blog interesting - my life is not renowned for excitement!!
Night all :) x

Thursday, 22 May 2008


I know it is such a cliche but where oh where did the time go!! My eldest son will be a teenager tomorrow!!
I am not old enough to be a mother to a teenager - it conjures up such horrific images in my mind when I say aloud - I have a teenage son!!!

He is on a school trip at the moment and returns tomorrow - but unless he has a Harry Enfield Kevin style transformation in Hastings this week - I'm not worried. And this is why....

My lovely grown up boy has requested this birthday cake:

(I promise it is not as wonky as this picture looks!!)

Yes, my fashion conscious, Kaiser Chief and Gavin and Stacey loving boy wanted a replica of his brothers 2nd birthday cake from last year!! And a 'party food' tea. No my space advertised - parents house trashing party for him! I am blessed.

Don't get me wrong he is definately not a Stepford child - he could argue that black is white, and we often do!!! He always has to have the last word, couldn't find the dishwasher if I put a neon sign on it and he thinks I am a terrible mum because I won't let him have a Grand Theft Auto game for his birthday!!!

But he is also a polite, helpful, grateful boy who is a fantastic son and big brother...long may it continue. Love you tons ally pants xx

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

This week I am mostly reading.......

My 3 year old has taken a shine to this book, our copy is well loved, having been read by my eldest two boys too. Now don't get me wrong, its an excellent book with beautiful illustrations, great for interaction etc......but do I need to read it 3 times each bedtime???!

We went our own bear hunt today - down the cycle track, under the old railway bridges (caves!) - we had a great time. Must have entertained fellow walkers though, because I am almost word perfect!!! Simple activity = very happy tot and a mummy who felt slightly less slummy!!!

Today is booby group day - that is baby cafe, my local breastfeeding support group. I'm a peer supporter at my local group - I trained about 2years ago - and I love it. Breastfeeding is such an emotional experience, not always positive in the early days, and these groups are ideal for all mums to get great advice and support. Even if you don't need help, they are great places to make friends and chat with like minded people.

I'm extremely opinionated about breastfeeding but I'll let you settle in before I get on my soapbox!!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

mount ironing

I'm sure a lot of you out there are familiar with the place I am going to this evening...It looks like this.....

Now the baby is stuffed full of 2 boobs worth of milk and down for (hopefully) the next 7 or so hours I can get going!! Oh hold me back - I can hardly wait!!!
I could have tackled it today but instead I went to collect this that I won on ebay

It needs a bit(!!) of a sand and wax but will make a great desk/sewing table in my soon (i hope!) to be finished work/guest room! For the princely sum of £4.99!!

The number of outstanding projects here chez dolly is reaching double figures - I have been asked to not buy any more furniture. I said of course, but luckily I had already collected this:

And had already won this (so of course I have to pick it up!!!)

I'm hoping that doing a kinda online diary will push me to stop procrastinating and mean some things actually get this space!!

Monday, 19 May 2008

hello x

I'm still playing around so may take me a while to get into swing of things.
I plan to blog about my 2 fave things - my home and breastfeeding, however you'll probably get long rambles about the other triviality that is my life!!

Monday seems a good day to start - the weekend is over and I am fresh and raring to get going on my half finished projects and ideas.

We spent an hour or 3 out in our garden yesterday - its a work in progress like everything else around here!! Planted some pots and made a trellis to eventually disguise my wheelie bins. I bought a plant trough in a charity shop last wk - for £1 -

its had a couple of coats of antique grey paint and is now patiently waiting for the plants to grow in it.

I never get true thrifting bargains - most, well all, of the charity shops in my town are overpriced and full of tat, and the big car boot is full of traders and people coming back week after week selling the same stuff! So I had almost given up looking - but i went into a smaller non - big name charity shop, and got lucky - so I know where I will be going in future!

Many thanks to the girls over on the shabby chic forum who helped me with my pictures - much appreciated x

Be back soon :)