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Saturday, 28 February 2009

All for Love

The lovely MaryPoppins wrote to me the other day and sent me this fabulous book, inscribed for my wedding day.
Its called All for Love, a romantic anthology - and is filled with quotations. It was wrapped in the cowboy fabric it is sitting well Mary knows what makes me happy! x
Some of the quotations made me go 'ahhh' and some made me chuckle, some also made me think 'oh yes how true'!!!!

How about...I shall be great and you rich, because we love each other (Victor Hugo 1802-85)
or Love keeps out the cold better than a cloak (anon)

Very apt for the climate of uncertainty we are living in now.

The future Mr Dollop thinks that this one ...Many a man has fallen in love with a girl in a light so dim he would not have chosen a suit by it (Maurice Chevalier 1888-1972) fitting for how we met ;) - how rude!!!

At times, I agree with this quote.... It destroys one's nerves to be amiable every day to the same human being (Benjamin Disraeli 1804-81) - I shouldn't think I'm alone!!!

The poem 'Loss' by Wendy Cope brought back memories of the end of my first marriage...
The day he moved out was terrible -
That evening she went through hell.
His absence wasn't a problem
But the corkscrew went as well.

In my case I kept the corkscrew, but I am still mourning the loss of the antique chest of drawers and the collection of vintage radios we had aquired that I somehow and somewhat foolishly agreed to him taking!!!!!

This anonymous poem made me giggle....
When he and I got under the sheet,
I let him have his way complete,
And now my girdle will not meet.
Dear God, what shall I say of it?

Thank you Mary for thinking of me and sending me something so special (inscribed so I can treasure forever xx).
This lovely was a surprise from a lovely lady over at SCC. Again, she knows me very well. RoseS even opened a brand new roll of CK wallpaper for my parcel, I shall think of her every time I light the tealight in the hanging heart.
I am overwhelmed by peoples kind wishes that I have received already for our marriage. I love that my online friends care enough to think of us. I thank everyone x

Last night, I showed up at a friends for one of our regular girls nights. They had organised me a surprise hen night. I hadn't planned to have one - I didn't really have the time or energy to co-ordinate people for a night out!! Oh they spoilt me!! There are pictures on a friends camera which I hope to get by email very soon, but they put a veil and tiara on me, had organised and cooked a 3 course meal, bubbly, goody bags including very cheeky drinking straws!! ;)
The table was set in my teal and silver theme, with a hen night cake centrepiece,and individual buttonhole flowers. The conservatory was decked out with teal and silver balloons and we sat and enjoyed our wine and put the world to rights!!
I got in at 3am this morning but still managed to wake up full of joy, knowing that I have had such a fabulous start to my last week as a single person!!!
6 more sleeps!!!
I have a giveaway planned but I don't think I'll get chance to post it this week (no idea why??!!), in the meantime have you seen Emma's fab bead watch giveaway over at Jellybelly*Jellybrain? (ooh that link was s-lick!!!)
EDIT my blog sidebar has been chaotic lately as I'm trying to work out which way is best for me to keep up with my blog reading!! So I'm faffing a lot!! I think I'm going to change back to the Blog List but I'm losing the will tonight - please don't be offended if you are not on there yet lol!!!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Table Revamp

Last summer we bought a stripped pine table on ebay. It was a bit minging on top, but with a bit of elbow grease and a few coats of Ikea Skydd Oil its done us ok. It was always my plan to paint the legs cream and distress them a la Laura Ashley but in true me fashion I didn't get round to it!!
This is how it looked pre sanding and oiling......

And today armed with 2 metres of this, a staple gun and the CK catalogue's ' how to cover a table with oilcloth tutorial' .... I now have a covered table. It was both easy and peasy to do. Its not as neat under the table as I'd have liked...but who see's it?? And I suppose I could have pleated the corners a little 'finer'....but I am really chuffed with it. :)

And the fabric was in the sale so I have done my massive table for about £14.....I would have liked the same fabric as in the tutorial (box floral aqua) but the other half didn't like it and wanted spots... so thats saved him nearly £30!!

I now have to get rid of the 2 freebie wicker chairs we have been using as the other half says if he has to listen to a fidgety boy make them creak one more time he may throw something!! So I am off to a couple of junk shops tomorrow to see what I can see.
The chairs I tarted up last summer....

have had a new lease of life with oilcloth on the seats...and they look great with the new table top. Rubbish picture , taken at night!

I've now got the urge to cover another table.....its so effective and much easier than I thought it would be.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Thank You Angel

I won Angel's giveaway last month and I collected the parcel this morning......
I've just had a fun half hour rummaging through all the jewels!! (the blue box contains a lovely silver piccy frame that my camera doesn't like photographing - the glare!!! It will be used for a wedding photo if I look normal enough on any of them)

Check out the fab cameo's and sweet brooches.
There really are lots of lovelies -so its only fair that I play sharesies .....if you want one of the brooches below just email me your address and I'll pop one in the post. (let me know which one!!)
So Fanks you very much Angel xxxxx
As I've had some good giveaway luck lately -I shall have a giveaway of my own soon - I've been making something new and (I think) cute :)
Wedding update later this week - it might get it straight in my mind whats left to do!!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

A week of post

Its not been the easiest of weeks this week - little boys ill, not being able to leave the house, missed appointments, wedding arrangements having to be postponed (dress still not with the seamstress and we marry in 19 days!!!), and internet problems taking a 50 minute call to aol to sort out, but the week has been brightened by the postie bringing a little bit of cheer most days.

I was lucky enough to win the giveaway hosted by Katy - aswell as posting me the gorgeous robot and space themed fabric, she sent me a lovely email with some pointers for making some really easy patchwork, and check out the ric rac that she included, or should I say RIC RAC as its huge!! I have a few ideas what I would like to make, and can't wait to get started. Pop over to Katy's blog and see how super talented she is (she is away at the moment but I'm sure she won't mind you having a nose while she's gone!!!).

Post that came and had to go back...I ordered some oilcloth from LA in the sale....they sent the correct fabric only not oilcloth so I had to call them and return the fabric (I was gutted, I want to cover my dining table and the staple gun is sat here waiting!!), after being told I had ordered incorrectly - I did get a little short with the man on the phone, as my invoice clearly said PVC - I was told to mark as a priority return and it would be sorted. I am also waiting for some polka dot fabric for bunting in the little boys room, ordered 10 days ago...LA are sooooo slow, but at £5 a metre, I'll try and be patient a while longer!!
Another parcel for me me me, my SCC Valentines swap, sent by Mrs Thrifty!!
I emptied out the package and was treated to lovely little tissue wrapped packages and sweeties and rose petals.
Thrifty had sent me hearty treats, wooden hearts - one for sitting, one for hanging, a gorgeous scented candle (smells like sweeties, and too pretty to use!!), fabulous paper heart garland, I love it and it is now strung on my fireplace - I had cut out some hearts to make a garland myself but couldn't work out how to successfully thread them without them ripping, so now I know....a double gift!!And I love my pretty flowery mug, morning earl grey currently being drunk from it....Mr Dollop has commented that most of our mugs are very girly these days and has requested that could I make sure there is a manly cup for him to drink from :)
Thank You Thrifty was a real treat :)

Next up was some felt from Sarah's shop - Paper and String - if you do need felt , I can't recommend her enough, the quality is great, as is the service and price too. And the choice of colours is fab. And the new Boden book which had these cute stickers inside -I usually give the Boden stickers to the boys but these are so sweet I'm keeping them!!

THE bag arrived from CK York store. Its really lovely. Really Really Lovely. And Really Really Big!!! I haven't done a changeover actually doesn't match my winter coat!! Looks great with my spring one so I may wait to use it....or look on ebay for a more coordinating winter coat lol!!! I can't fault the customer service, I shall email head office to tell them too, and I'm pleased with the quality too - its a problem not having a CK store anywhere near home, I sometimes have to chance it with the quality of things....and I've been disappointed once or thrice!! Finally yesterday I got this gorgeous card from my mum....a saw this and thought of you - sorry you have had a rubbish week card!! (my camera is getting worse...must seriously think about a new one!!) She wrote inside that I could make something like I may crack on for Mothers Day!! I think I will get dressed now and take the boys for a walk on the cliff top to blow away the cobwebs....Happy Sunday Xx

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

its coming...

I fell in love with the textured blue rose messenger bag when the CK catalogue landed on my mat. Head over Heels!!! To the point I was fantasising about what clothes I will wear with it - how well it will go with my spring/summer jacket *sigh*

Now bags don't normally have this effect on me, butter dishes yes but not bags!!

I tried twice to order by phone but alas it was out of stock...then I had a brainwave and phoned the York store.....and my bag is coming home :)!!!

I have justified it to myself by having it for my birthday (in March), I think its a mummy thing - the guilt at spending money on myself.

I have ill boys at the moment so after the sick and poo fest in our house since Friday - I deserve it!!

So I'm now off to sit at the front door and wait!! I'm too excited!!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Valentine Swap

Mucho excitement here this weekend..aswell at being the other halfs 'stag', my brother and sister in law came down to stay with my new (and only) niece and...I got a parcel from Nola, my Valentines swap goodies.

I waited until Sunday sfternoon when they had gone home (Claire doesn't share pressies lol!!)and enjoyed opening....
pretty parcels with paper butterflies between.....

Nola has put so much thought into my is so personal for ME....and ME is feeling a little neglected and sorry for myself lately so it was just what the doctor ordered.

I may have mentioned my wedding once or twice ;) and Nola has themed some gifts for my special day...

A painted box frame for displaying wedding day treasures and a handmade garter - gorgeous!! No picture of it on my thigh I'm afraid...I wouldn't inflict that on anyone!!

The other parcels contained a pretty pink heart hanger, a fab felt heart garland (which is now strung in my spare room so I will take a more flattering picture of it later!!) and a beautiful button bag with embroidered panel...

Also some cards with Valentines recipes - one for Tuscan Pork which I can't wait to try, Sticky Toffee Pudding and a South African recipe for milk tart....(yum!)I absolutely love everything and I am very touched by how much thought has gone into making these things for me. Thank you so much xx

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


LittleGem tagged me to show the 4th picture from the 4th file on my computer....
And its this (not that interesting) picture of my hyacinth bulbs just before they flowered - these ones came through in pink and grew so madly I ended up cutting the flowers as they leaned even after being tied with string!!
The pot is now by the back door waiting for the greenery to die off so I can then plant the bulbs in the garden - waste not want not!! - my mum said she has had varied luck with them coming through but nothing to lose except 5 minutes light trowel work to see!!
The cornishware bowl came from my mum fetched it from her house after she died its very very crazed inside due to age so I am reluctant to use it for anything foody, but I think Grandma would be pleased to see it having another life :)

Monday, 2 February 2009

jumping on the bandwagon briefly!!

Just so I didn't feel left out I got out the crochet hook my mother in law gave me and some of the wool left over from a knitted project (done by my mother in law!!) and The Readers Digest book of all things needlework....and...
After 35 minutes reading about how to hold the yarn.. I managed to master chain stitch...

I didn't even understand double crochet ( I may look for a tutorial online laters!) so my dreams of crocheted corsages have been shattered!!
I thought that I was cack handed knitting.....this was another thing altogether - I wish somebody had taken pics of my attempt - hilarious!! My mother in law crochets and watches tv so I'm sure I must be doing something drastically wrong...maybe she can show me - if she has enough patience....or maybe give it up as a bad job :)
Oh well - can't be good at everything eh lol!!!!