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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Connection problems

I installed some new anti virus software on Monday and have given myself a whole lot of internet problems! So I cannot post (this is on my eldests laptop), can't comment on other blogs, or basically log in to most places. When I went on ebay it said it was the browser settings (but after a little look i'm beggared if I can work out what!!).
A while ago I read someones blog (whilst hopping and now can't find!!) they mentioned a website that would store all your bookmarked favourites, contacts etc so you still had them if you changed provider...does anyone have a clue??
So until sorted I won'tbe able to post properly, but I'm still reading - just not commenting xx

Pay it Forward update. I'll be posting out a little something to Mary at SewHotMitMot very soon. As Mary was the only person to take part from my post (I got in at the end I reckon!!), I decided to make another 2 somethings and randomly post to someone. So if I have your address (blog and/or forum friends!!) you could receive a bit of post :)

Monday, 27 April 2009

a good idea.....

It seemed a good idea after the little chaps had been put to bed to get out the paintbrushes.....but my energy levels are not great after being up since 4!!
But - at least I'm achieving something!!
This manky ex- bathroom cabinet in a tasteful bottle green colour was won and collected by myself a few weeks ago. (for the princely sum of £3.20!!)

It has sat in a corner of my kitchen for the last *ahem* few weeks waiting to be painted. It will go in our new bedroom for perfume/aftershave so they don't have to be on show....except my LA perfume as the bottle has an atomiser on and it makes me smile :)

At 7.30pm it looked like this...the blue stripe was my tester paint - its too blue so won't be doing it that colour. Now it looks like this...primed and ready for me to decide what colour.......that could take some time but at least we are one step closer!!!

While the primer is out I am painting some thrifted picture frames and thinking about painting my new - long coveted - purchase.

This tabley/box thingummy (is it a sewing box?? who cares I like them!!) was outside a junk shop in town on Saturday...I had never really noticed the shop before, amazing considering its 2 doors away from my fave charity shop. I was walking so arranged to go back this morning to collect. I got it for £4....very pleased with that :).

I'm going to use it as a sewing box in my spare room where it will double as a bedside table. I know exactly what I am doing with this one, F&B dimity with a blackboard paint panel at the front - lined with CK wallpaper.

(It was being displayed with the lid up and when the shop man saw me looking he ran out of the shop to tell me 'its a table look - the hinge goes down!!' - really wow! I thought you just left the lid up ;0!! )

My doing mojo is slowly returning, maybe these stools could be finished and sold??

(not to mention the freecycled dresser sat in the playroom in all its dark brown glory lol!!)

I've been sewing a little...can't show you though as they are for my pay it forward gifts, and freestyle swap..also some good thrifting but ditto as thats for a forum swap!!

Decision made - no more painting tonight - I am such a lightweight!! I got some great chick lit from the CS at the I may fill my head with fluff (girls starts story having been dumped - girl changes career and moves to country - ex trys to come back but girl torn as has fallen in love with local vet/architect/doctor - girl lives happy ever after with vet/architect/doctor - the end!!! Or variation on this theme lol!!) Sometimes only chick lit will do :)

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Just a few pics of the swap parcel I sent out for the Easter and Spring swap we have just had over at SCC ....
There was not a union jack in sight - which I think is a first for me in a long time lol!!

I made a fabric bucket in 'spring' colours (artistic licence included!!) and popped a trimmed facecloth and soap in it.
And a small fabric and felt brooch
A CK fabric fat hen and CK fabric quilted egg cosy. First time I had tried anything like this and although there is room for improvement, it turned out quite well.
Pay It Forward -I haven't had 3 comments yet if you haven't joined in with this :) x

And still on the subject of giving....
Emma at Bagladee is celebrating her first whole year of blogging with a fabulous giveaway on her blog.....she is giving away one of her bags - if you are not familiar with Emma's work click on the Etsy link - I'm currently drooling over the notebook (e type!!) covers :)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Pay it Forward

Continuing the giving from Mel at Shabby Chick.....I'm paying it forward :)

The first three people to leave a comment will receive a hand made gift from me!

The only thing you have to do is participate and carry on the gift giving to three more soon as you have left a comment do a "pay it forward post" on your blog and continue the giving.

Now I'm not sure of the rules around the time limits....but you WILL get a handmade gift from some point :)
Be back soon - hopefully with a slightly less sore mouth!! And slightly less houseguests!!! Its been great mum being here but I miss not being able to do my thing if you see what I mean!!!!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Another catch up post :)

Thank You for all your well wishes for my wisdom tooth removal - it wasn't as bad as I thought, i don't resemble elephant man and there isn't the bruising I thought I'd get....I was fine a couple of days after but now all my teeth on that side hurt...a lot!! Now I have a pretty high pain threshhold (10lb2oz with no pain relief lol!!) and although my gorgeous husband thinks I could maybe be milking it...I am whinging a bit about how much pain I am in...and I am very thankful that my other wisdom teeth are all happy where they are lol!!
Whilst I was feeling sorry for myself - the very lovely Mary Poppins sent me a parcel. She had offered to get me some pillowcases to make my life a little easier :) and sent them to me with a parcel of lovelies for me....

All wrapped up in the lovely fabric you can see - a little something to brighten up my dusting experience...a sewing kit in vintage packaging and some CK spots...tissues and a mirror.
And.....check out my boy.......there's a new sherrif in town :) a dribbly sherrif!!!
Thank You Mary - we are both very happy - you are a very good friend xx

(picture taken in beirut...aka the loft conversion....aka the big boys bedroom!!! The green was chosen by themselves and every time I am up there I regret leaving the choice to them!!its not just green ...its GREEN!!!)

These are the pillowcases Mary got for me...after much debate chez us about new bedlinen - we/I decided on plain white with non matchy pillowcases and I fell in love with the CK boats.
(I have bought the Tesco duvet cover as a spare for when we fancy a change from white!!)

I haven't bought the boys (or anyone) a packaged easter egg this year, instead I copied an idea from last months Country Homes and Interiors and I did them a glass dish filled with assorted chocolate easter shapes and eggs.
bit too tempting for picking at when you walk by though!! They didn't last long!
I also took delivery of the latest CL magazine...did anyone else notice the greetings cards offer?

12 cards for £11 something...less than a pound a card...all images from the magazine...subscribers get a further 10% too...and its always handy to have a few cards in :)
I have a few catch up posts to do...we've had a birthday....and a party....and we are off to Featherdown Farm at the weekend...(I have 3 excited boys...1 of them is only excited if food is involved!!!)

Monday, 6 April 2009

Silkie Sue's Freestyle Blog Swap

Well the title kind of gives away what I'm going to say lol. Sam over at Silkie Sue is hosting a blog swap - where anything goes!!

(well - not quite but click HERE to see what does!!!)

Sounds fun to me!!!

things you keep

I bought a new jewellery box at the weekend and whilst swapping old to new I found a little cardboard box containing........

So a discussion took place as to whether or not I was a bit odd for keeping them....I was also told that there were 2 in a little pot on the kitchen windowsill (and who says men never notice anything!!).

I won't be getting rid of these I shall pop them in to the big boys memory box - as I told my husband "I made them!!" My body made those teeth, that chewed those first bits of bread, and bit their brothers faces (Alex!!). Also this note...I remember him coming out of school devastated aged 7...his tooth had got lost in the he sat down and wrote this note for the tooth fairy. Makes me a little sad that all that innocence has gone!! I have a friend who has the crinkled up rotted umbilicus that dropped off her newborn, so teeth don't seem quite so strange!! (for the record I would have kept the umbilicus too but was told NO WAY!!)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

easter preparations

My mother in law has taken the small boys this morning so I am my new(well bought off ebay last summer and shove in the loft new!!) table in the workroom - its wider and a bit higher, than the previous one, so better to sew at..... (manky though with orange varnish but just got some CK oilcloth samples so I choose something to cover the top) I have cut out some mini fabric buckets and some fat hens...they will be sewn in a minute, I have 3 flat hens that need stuffing to become fat hens and I want to make a couple more brooches. Thats the easter gifts sorted then. I decided that this year I wouldn't be buying easter eggs - the cadbury etc cardboard box versions anyway!! Instead I've been picking up a selection of smaller eggs and easter shaped chocs and made these.....just a selection of sweeties in a cellophane bag tied up with yellow ribbon and lace. I made 7 last week for the kindergarten girls too. Have to say its probably working out the same price as buying an egg (as they are sooooo cheap this year!!) but I think this way is so much prettier. Have you spotted these in Tesco??? So sweet.... I'm trying to get super organised as I am having a wisdom tooth out next week..under sedation, a bone drilling job (gulp!!), and I have a little man turning 4 and having a party on Easter Monday so lots to do in advance in case I'm out of sorts. Mum is coming down so I'll have an extra pair of hands but the control freak in me means I'll have to do a lot myself lol!!!
When I have done this I'm going to put up my little collection of Easter trimmings, and I need to go out this week and find my Easter tree branch too, then I'll be ready :)
Back to the sewing!!