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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I made something!!

Made from this book, with stash fabric, for a friends daughter.
Looking forward to making another for my niece (already cut out!!)
Loving making things that somebody can wear, but wishing I had a girl as girls clothes are easier than boys!!!
(the pattern for this dress is in June's Sew magazine )

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

loving this week..........

Seeing Patch in Print...we get 2 mentions in this months Sew Hip magazine *insert massive smiles here*
My new ring from eclectic creations and primarni bracelets.

These downloadable invites generously available on the Belle and Boo blog. I love Belle and Boo's work..I love that they do 'boy' prints too....

The latest edition of UK Handmade online magazine, well worth a read..some great articles, tutorials and fab recipes.

I started tweeting last week..and I'm hooked!!(I'm patchfabrics) I love the short but sweet nature of tweets..and I have so far found it to be just as nice a community as blogland!!

my latest book recommendation......I am a quick reader anyway but this kept me hooked and I read it in just over an evening!!!

Sewing!! Well to be more precise...cutting out!!
This is what a pair of little boys pj's look like in the first stages of construction...I think the tracing of, and cutting out of the pattern is the longest part.
Sewing machine will go up tonight.......

(apologies for the list nature of my the minute I'm so stretched its this or not blogging...normal service should resume soon!!)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

loving this week..........

My veggie bed..we went away for 2 days and came back to actually looks like they could grow into something worth eating now!!
Started and finished in the car at the weekend....... please read this book if you haven't already..was such a well written, beautiful book, I am now not sure I can go see the so sad :(
Sweet Williams,I think my fave summer flower to have in the house.....

season finale......whaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt!! I really enjoyed it but too many unanswered q's for my liking..I have heard a rumour that answers will be given in the dvd boxset..hmmmmmm!

A new book..having a spare room full of fabric is inspiring if not a little frustrating when I am struggling to find spare time!!! I plan on making the dress on the front for my niece and some pyjama bottoms for my 2 tiddly chaps out of this fabric

Michael Miller's Kids Zoo print - love it!!!
(available here)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

CraftTea Creations

Attention all you East Anglian Bloggers!!
My very good friend Rachel has been a plotting and a planning these past few weeks and CrafTea Creations is born...
Stitch and Bitch comes to Beccles (ish)!
Have a look at her very colourful webpage...found here and if you can make it...please come..Rach makes exceedingly good cake...
I will be will be one morning a month where I definately stitch!
Patch is eating into my crafty time in a big way!!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Polka Dots and Posies

My lovely friend Mary sent me this fabulous commisioned tshirt......You could have one too from here......
I love it so much, I am a sucker for personalised stuff and with a name like his we don't see much about...actually anything.....I am tempted to frame it so my little minger doesn't make it messy but that is perhaps a little cautious ;)

And how super dooper is this heart?? Full of lavender....
Thank You Mary xx
(those eagle eyed amongst you may spot changes if you read in google reader...edited due to overuse of the word 'lovely'!!!!!!)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A Shopping List

As seen in the new (scrumptious) Cath magazine....going on my wish list for my visit to Windsor next month...complete with my 15% off coupon that was in this months Easy Living ;)
I don't think I will ever tire of Ms Kidston...but thats not a quote!!! Certainly not while she keeps bringing out lovelies for me to drool over..........

racing car last CK mug purchase ever!!! (thats what I promised Mr D with my fingers crossed!!)...would I use it (the flask that is!) too pretty perhaps to spoil with hot drinks stuff!!

I love these...and I'm sure I saw a different design in Country Living this month described as Tupperware..are they the real thing..I thought you could only say Tupperware if Tupperware had made them??? In which case £8 seems cheap.....
(blimey how many times can I write Tupperware in one blog post lol!!)
Be rude not too when it matches my china.........
I love these, but it depends on the toe cleavage..they look low cut (iyswim!!) and I HATE toe cleavage!!!
One of my fave prints......
because I am selfless..and small boys feets will look cute!! Although is 5 to big to wear them??? Hope he doesn't refuse!! (R has freaky fat feet that NO shoes fit!! Except special imported things that cost a fortune!! Oh and crocs -thankfully!!)

But one last thing - this next one just made me go whaaattt!!
I know not everybody has access to a fabric stash or scrap box to make ones own but seriously...whhhaaaattttt?!?!?!!
(sneaks out quietly before someone comes along and tells me they bought them!!!)
(in which case - I'll cut you your next lot out for a fiver lol!!!)

I have been sent a cath mag plus have an extra that mother in law gave me from easy living magazine...does anyone need one? Or want I don't think need comes into it!!!
Maybe somebody overseas??? Give me a yell.....

Monday, 10 May 2010

my poor neglected blog!!

I seriously do not know where time goes...I have things to say but not much to show, life is getting in the way of fitting everything in again.
Things at Patch are ticking along nicely, which is fab but leaves me no crafty time...I have finally finished my nieces Easter quilt even if I haven't posted it off to her yet.... Please excuse the creasy excuse is that I will be telling my sis in law to wash and tumble so no point me ironing it *blush*!!!

I didn't quilt it - just tied it in with embroidery thread in a few places...yes Mary P that is THAT fabric and the offer still stands ;) xxx
the binding stitching is well erm rustic but that adds to the handmade charm yes???
On the Patch blog I have talked about the craft fair I did on Saturday. It wasn't a total flop however.....wasn't a massive success either!
I think it was the first one the school PTA lady had organised and there was a wide variety of stalls. The lady doing Tarot did quite well... she was in the same room as myself, my friend selling beautiful jewellry and nappycakes, the Virgin Vie lady, a lady selling cardmaking supplies and another selling..well a bit of everything!!!
I think I would have put the beauty things including the alternative therapies in one room..the Body Shop lady was in the main hall....the readings that the tarot lady was doing weren't very private and the bell she used to cleanse the cards took some getting used to!!!
I made sales, and if I work it out as a percentage of actual browsers versus customers it was a great result..except there just weren't enough bodies through the doors.
Each stallholder said the same..but anyhoo..nothing ventured etc etc!!
One thing we noticed looking at some craft stalls was the ridiculously low prices some people crafters my friend and I know the work and money that goes into making and we got a little annoyed to see some prices. We felt it was doing fellow crafters a disservice. I like a bargain as much as the next person but I think there is a huge difference between a reasonable price and underpriced!!
I know we all want our products to sell, thats the whole point.....I only had Patch things at the fair so made no difference to me but one other stall was selling beautiful handcrafted things at very reasonable but still sensible prices and we really felt for her as it appeared she was overcharging copmpared to some others....
Am I just not experienced enough in the craft fair department??!!
Does anyone else get irked by this?? I know pricing is always a thorny issue!!!