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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bucket Bag

Like Gem, (who has just got a 2:1 yay well done you!!!! x)I too had a bash at following a real life pattern (as opposed to winging it) and making a bag. Was quite easy and very enjoyable, I cut it out before bed on Thursday and sewed it up Friday morning.

I used a globaltex fabric and some printed cotton for the inside.
I will make the handles longer next time, and I won't do the trim in both fabrics I will do it the same on both sides. Also I think it would have been easier if my fabrics weren't different weights when fixing the trims and handles.
(This is my excuse for the quite hideous stitching in places!!!)

I haven't used it yet (the handles are a bit short!!!) but its hung at the bottom of the stairs, so I can admire it and big myself up every time I walk past!!
My very kind friend Viv has made 2 this week......looking good!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What I'm Sewing Wednesday

A productive week.......
oilcloth triangles cut out...more to do.....conclusion CK oilcloth FAR superior quality to the LA!!
sneaky peak at swap crafting
scrappy patchwork for tea cup pictures and other applique.

felt hearts for union jack brooches
and boats, sewn into shape and ready to be joined together.

Still haven't made the Victorian Day costume W needs for next week (sh!t next week!!), he wants to go as Sweeney Todd...I'm thinking maybe not...lets keep this simple!! Best get to the CS tomorrow to hunt out suitable fabric!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Happy Tag

I have been tagged by MitMot to list 6 random, insignificant things that make me happy.

I'll start with the obvious(and not insignificant at all!!!) family.....all of them, my lovely husband who works a gazillion hours a week so I can stay at home, the 2 big boys who, apart from a bit of backchat and bone idleness, don't give me any problems (yet!!*quickly takes back that last sentence so as not to jinx anything*)
And these 2 cute chicks, this was taken after checking on them the other night!
(I'm feeling appreciative today, they don't always make me happy before you think we're like the waltons lol!!)
Next up, vintage linens.

My first stop in any CS. Its my current obsession.I don't always use them for their intended purpose. (as the bunting on my last post showed!!)This cushion was a gift I made out of a vintage tablecloth (ripped in the middle) and the reverse made from a barkcloth curtain, I like to think I am breathing new life into them.

These cushion covers were 25p each, and the front cushion was made from a 20p traycloth that I backed with some LA polka dot fabric...
This traycloth was 19p!! Very summery :)

Makes me very happy. I only wish I had more time to sew. I used to sew as a girl but then stopped as a teenager..I rediscovered sewing a few years ago and I think though I have a long way to go. I'm improving! My mum, grandma and my aunty are sew'ers too, so perhaps its in the genes??

My ever growing fabric collection,
These are the sorted shelves.......happy only goes part way to describing what seeing my piles of fabric makes me feel!! I only have a bit out on display but I open the cupboard frequently!!

New Joules dress - Ready to be worn on Saturday to a garden party - have no shoes yet, well not strictly true, I have plenty of shoes including yellow wedges that look fab with the dress but I think I want flats.....

And lastly watching my tomatoes grow - sad but true. After my disappointing strawberry show, all my hopes are resting on these babies!!

I think most people have been tagged, but if you haven't do share :)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

barmy about bunting

I think I'm obsessed.....

gifts for my friends children

made for Natasha for the friends swap

- recycled embroidered linen, backed with CK. And because I loved it so much..... more for me.
This was a thrifted tablecloth that was badly stained in the middle so I have breathed new life into somebodys handiwork.

personalised for my niece....
for C.

for R.

And thats just made by me..... made by Debbie.

knitted for me by Raspberry Grace.

Its not over either ..... I have plans with oilcloth for the garden and plans to persuade the big boys that bunting is cool :)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Strawberry Envy

Lots of you are harvesting your homegrown strawberries now.......I'm not and I'm jealous!!

I think this is the first year my next door neighbour has grown strawberries and look at these lovely red berries .....(hope they didn't see me taking that pic, they'll think I'm even stranger!!!)This is how bad it has got - zooming in my camera on my neighbours plants lol
I have grown strawberries every year in pots with reasonable success, I have planted in hanging baskets this year and look at this sorry lot

Check this freaky specimen out......what has gone wrong????
( lovely newly painted green shed in the background)

Looks like I'll be relying on the PYO or Mr Tesco's supply this summer....

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

a winner....

or two!!!

My glamorous assistant assisted, and the first name out of the hat (well woods ware jug!) was Elaine.

And as he was helping so nicely, and enjoying himself that he drew another name, which was Lissy Lou.
So if you'll both let me have your addresses, I can get your teacups off to you.
Thank you everyone for commenting. I really am still loving blogging, there have been a few moments of flagging but I think thats a time thing...oh for a world where all the jobs get done, you can sew what you like and you can immerse yourself in blogland round the clock!!!!
I'm still bit torn about how much to share, I'm not a secretive person, infact I'm a bit of a blurt!! But I do have to remind myself that this is the www and not everyone is as nice as us lol!

Back to the teacup pictures....I have been thinking of making them to put in a blog shop.....but I don't know if
a) I have the time to commit to making or
b) My makes are good enough...

So I think I will shelve that idea for the time being!! Its one of those long term plans for when I have more free time, the baby starts nursery in 18months ;) and thats not such a long way off!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


We have had a lovely weekend. Some weekends pass by in a whirl - but this was one of those action packed yet stress free type ones!!
My brother and family came to stay, so that meant lots of cuddles with my 6 month old niece.
Lovely husband and my eldest then went to watch Madness in concert with my brother, whilst sis in law and I caught up on some Big Brother on the sky+!!
(I wanted to see Madness too, but decided that a boys jolly would be good for them!!)
The weather was great.
Lots of sunshine equals lots of seaside.

Our own seaside......

And much nicer up the coast Southwold seaside.........

Somebody had a great time digging a big hole...and I don't mean the boy in the photo!! We unearthed a large collection of spades....I took 10 to the beach with us and there is still a bag full of the things in the shed!! I think its because I am disorganised and never take any out with us so we end up buying more.....

( Also I shamefully realised that the baby had never felt sand on his feet until Sunday......shameful as I live 5 minutes from the beach!! More beach visits whilst he is awake are in order I think!!!)
(and 'the baby' isn't so much of a baby any more!!)

LOTS of seaside swap inspiration in Southwold. So hoping to get busy this week :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

one year

During my blogging break I missed celebrating a whole year of blogging.
To be honest I really didn't think I'd stick at it this long, but I have. Mostly because I enjoy being part of a fab community of strangers who are friends! Its a bizarre situation and almost unexplainable to people who aren't involved......I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!!!
Also I noticed at the weekend I had 50 54.....its lovely to think people want to read my blog :)
I must apologise though that I haven't visited everyone who has become a follower, not because I don't care, just that old chestnut 'time' again!! I do appreciate you visiting me :)
Over the past year, it has been fantastic to share things with people who 'get' it!! Where else can I take a pic of something frivolous and pretty and people actually want to look at it. Just as I love to visit other blogs and nose at all your crafting, pretty new purchases and beautiful homes.
I've probably said before that blogland proves that there are people left in the world who are nice! Swaps are proof of this, I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people, and I just love choosing and making for somebody who you just know is going to enjoy opening something handmade just for them...
So in honour of my sticking at something for a whole year and as a thank you for encouraging me to sew and craft more than I probably would, I shall have a giveaway.
I am making some more tea cup pictures - a bit like the one below that I made for'll be the same...but different!!!
Just leave me a comment if you would like to take part and I'll randomly pic out a name in a weeks time.
Don't be shy, even if you have never commented before, say hello!!

Monday, 8 June 2009


This is a thank you post!!!!
I took part in the FRIENDS swap that Beki hosted and was very lucky to be partnered with Natasha.
The rules were you send 7 gifts, each starting with the letters of the word friends......
Floss spoke recently of 'swap anxiety', I relate to this emotion. I have taken part in quite a few swaps now both in blogland and over at SCC and each time I feel anxious that the swap is ok'! My theory on the subject is that we all see our own crafting with different eyes to our partner! I know I am very critical of my makes.
Anyway, serious case of SA when I opened my parcel last week!!
F was for Flower Mini Book
Natasha is a scrapbooker and as I told her I am totally cack handed with papercrafts, so I was thrilled to get a pretty book with sleeves for pics of my chicks inside :)
R is for Retro Fabric
Wow! Natasha has obviously done her research. I love it! I can't use it yet obviously, looking and stroking for a while longer!!

I is for (you'll love this one lol!!!) - I couldn't decide so went for CK!!!
Fabulous take on the letter I (it was a tricky one, I struggled a lot!!).
E is for Earings

Gorgeous! I LOVE them :) x
N is for Notebook

This pic doesn't do it justice, this notebook is stunning, I am fighting the urge to be precious and never use it!!
D is for Daisies

Fabric daisies, I am going to attach these to a cushion I think.

S is for Shopping Bag

CK again - fabulous :)

I'll post what I sent another day.....but I really enjoyed making/finding things for this swap, it was such a great theme - even if I struggled with I and D!!! Thanks Beki for organising and thank you so much Natasha for my lovely lovely swap :) I hope you liked yours as much as I loved mine xx