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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Newquay here we come..

We are off on our hols on I really shouldn't be making packed lunch fodder like this:

Nor should I be anywhere near the computer I should be packing!!

Its times like this that I realise how hard it is having 4 children..and how many clothes we have!!! I know this because I have ironed nearly everything we own in the past week - serves me right for being a lazy ironer (what we need for the week - nothing more!!)

I know that I will wear 1 pair of shoes all week - not the 8 pairs I have so far packed....but I won't be unpacking them!! I know that I will be so exhausted from the day time that I will only be changing into my pyjamas....but I won't be unpacking the 3 pretty skirts I've packed for 'evenings'!!!

Why do I find it so hard to pack lightly...can anyone do this?? How do you stop the panic rising when you only put in just enough pants for the week!! I mean it must be YEARS since I had an accident and needed a change of underwear but I empty my drawer whenever I go away!!
Anyway, back soon - hopefully refreshed and raring to go with project house!!
I'll leave you with a picture of 'the' stools......I am banned from looking at ebay for the time being!!! I'm hoping for a 2week turnaround on them once we're home!!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Love is....

...the man in your life telling you that you can buy another cupboard because the one you bought is a pile of crap!!!

I hate my has been resanded, and it has had 2 coats of emulsion and looks better than it did before but the paint is just soaking in or something and it just looks dirty..starting to think i bought a load of rubbish!!!

Ok Plan C...3rd coat will be eggshell - I'm thinking F&B Lulworth Blue (I've been to Lulworth and don't see the relevance of blue...perhaps someone can enlighten me!!) will try the water based eggshell methinks.

Plan D is landfill!! Not even freecycle...I wouldn't want to offload it on some unsuspecting soul!!

Mr Dolly would live in a very tidy, minimalistic, furnished like a page in the Next catalogue kinda home without me in his life, he humours me and is learning to love the treasures I bring back to our I know he must really love me not to say 'I told you your cupboard was shite!!!'

So bored with this cupboard - more posts soon, on interesting things like.... how many stools can you fit in a renault scenic!!!!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

One of them days...

I had a great day yesterday - spent a very sunny afternoon in the garden of a friend, eating scones with cream and strawberies - the children played nicely - I bought some lovely sweet williams from someones honesty stall on the way home...then I looked for my mobile phone......

I think I remember putting it on the roof of my car as I strapped the boys in....I can also remember a crunchy noise and a small boy saying 'whats that noise mummy?' ...I thought it was a stick but now I'm not so sure :(

Now this wouldn't be so bad but I lost a phone in January too!! And had I learnt my lesson and backed numbers up? - no! Had I uploaded the lovely baby pics on there? - no! so I have spent the day feeling very cross with myself and having to spend a child free morning in the mobile phone shop!!!

At least my flowers look good :)

I've also found it quite liberating not having a phone...not sure I would want to manage without it though!!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

Today at the car boot I was lucky (!?) enough to grab this for £3...(The blonde bombshell was extra!!!)

It needs a lot of work - paint and a new seat canvas (this is that shiny slippy nasty fabric!) but I've been eyeballing deckchairs on ebay and I think I've got a bargain.
Finds today also included
4 glass candle holders (I bought 2 lead crystal ones too but got them home and didn't like them so they are added to our car boot stash) - £1.70 in total for the 4.
a lovely round glass jelly mould for £1 and a 2 tier cake stand for £2.
I also got a couple of toys for the baby for 80p that I am currently trying to dry out properly as I overdid it with the milton I think!!

Apart from the trip across town to the boot sale, I've done nowt but sit on this here computer!! I won 26 stools (don't ask!! ) on ebay yesterday, and the seller is yet to make contact. I got an invoice with a £50 courier charge on but the listing says collection welcome - and thats what I want to do!! I have emailed but as yet no reply...I'm not well known for my patience and I really want to organise it as I need to go with no children so I can fit them in the car!! Fingers crossed I will get a response soon - watch this space for news on what someone might do with 26 stools!!!
Remember the cupboard I messed up? Well my lovely OH has sanded it back today so I can go for round 2 - with emulsion this time!! Here it is half sanded - you can see the hideous paint on it! Not the look I had in mind!!
I've one completed project this week..
from this....
£1 from the charity shop
to this
I'm really pleased with how it has turned out - its painted with dulux willow tree emulsion on the legs and flag wax in antique pine on the top.

Hope everybody is still awake - apologies for the mammoth post. Think I'll have to post more often so I don't have to blather on for so long. X

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Ruby Booby

I sometimes get really fed up with the lack of time I seem to have to do the things i want to... My head (and spare room) are filled with a 'want to do' list.
As the things I want to do are not necessary to the smooth running of our home, they take a back seat to the washing, cooking, hoovering, school runs and this......
My Ruby Booby and Prince Pudding!
..... his belly filling is the reason I get naff all except the essentials done some days!

Worth it?......yep totally!

At booby group yesterday I realised that Reuben wasn't the new kid on the block anymore! Over the past few weeks we have welcomed lots of new mums with teeny tiny newborns and a couple of expectant mums too, which is why, sometimes, after a feed, I don't lay him down and get up and do chores - I sit and stare at him, greedily drinking in that yummy babyness! Because I know that this stage will be over before I know it, and will it really matter that I didn't make patchwork cushions!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Had a good morning - after dropping off 3 boys at their respective places for the day, me and baby dollop parked up and went into 2 charity shops to hunt for goodies!
We went to 2 shops and £1 in each later.....

The cake plate and the little shot glasses were from one place, and the pretty plates, scrabble letters (It was a game but just kept the letters for craft ideas I will probably never get round to!), aswell as 4 paperbacks were from another.

No glass candlesticks today and I also missed out on a pair of curtains in a liberty style floral fabric by seconds! A nice lady got there first, who told me she was going to turn them into a throw for her daughters i didn't mug her on the way out for them! Better luck next time!

Think we may turn tuesday into thrifty tuesday! I also saw a big pine table in a 2nd hand furniture shop, it was shut so need to pop in there and check out the price - I could be 1 step closer to my mis matched chairs and table plan!!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

another crappy sunday..

We loaded the car up with all our junk, (sorry, quality items!), last night - ready to do a car boot sale, and I was looking forward to going with OH in tow so I could chuck my old- quality items - on display then go for a wander nice and early and grab the bargains!!

I am on the hunt for a glass cake dome, crocheted granny square blankets and glass candlesticks and I am never child free for long enough to have a good rummage we got up at quarter to 6 for nowt!!

Still, I painted some old photo frames, sanded a £1 stool from the charity shop and put a coat of paint on this

well it looks hideous! I am not even taking a photo - and I am so over using gloss paint! I had great success with F&B dimity but I wanted a similar look to a dresser I saw on this blog post, the colour is just gorgeous, but after 1 coat of dulux sea blue my cupboard looks tomorrow (or more likely Tuesday) I shall be donning the power tool (sander!!) and getting as much off as I can before slapping on some baby blue emulsion. If anyone uses emulsion on the pieces they paint - please let me know how they look finished and how they wear. x

I shan't be defeated...and I will be back with pictures when I get it right!!!

In case you are reading down under Max....Happy Birthday....hope it was a good one xxxx