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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I made something!!

Made from this book, with stash fabric, for a friends daughter.
Looking forward to making another for my niece (already cut out!!)
Loving making things that somebody can wear, but wishing I had a girl as girls clothes are easier than boys!!!
(the pattern for this dress is in June's Sew magazine )

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

loving this week..........

Seeing Patch in Print...we get 2 mentions in this months Sew Hip magazine *insert massive smiles here*
My new ring from eclectic creations and primarni bracelets.

These downloadable invites generously available on the Belle and Boo blog. I love Belle and Boo's work..I love that they do 'boy' prints too....

The latest edition of UK Handmade online magazine, well worth a read..some great articles, tutorials and fab recipes.

I started tweeting last week..and I'm hooked!!(I'm patchfabrics) I love the short but sweet nature of tweets..and I have so far found it to be just as nice a community as blogland!!

my latest book recommendation......I am a quick reader anyway but this kept me hooked and I read it in just over an evening!!!

Sewing!! Well to be more precise...cutting out!!
This is what a pair of little boys pj's look like in the first stages of construction...I think the tracing of, and cutting out of the pattern is the longest part.
Sewing machine will go up tonight.......

(apologies for the list nature of my the minute I'm so stretched its this or not blogging...normal service should resume soon!!)