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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Cool Whip

My big boys are huge Family Guy fans, so obviously by default I get to enjoy it too!! And you know how it is when you find something funny and you end up quoting the catchphrases constantly!! (or is that just us?!)

The video below is our current obsession - I just had to share!!

And (huge whoop whoop ....) I can put videos in my posts now!!


Anonymous said...

Have tagged you .... see my blog for details!

Don't feel obliged to do it though - just a bit of fun!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahha, that is SOOO funny!!

I have tears inmy eyes ;o)

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

I'm still giggling at that!
My favourite ones (I shan't reveal what I'm talking about to save your readers' blushes) are the ones done on plastic chairs. In a big echoey room if possible. Just like I did in a waiting room full of people. I laughed so much there was snot involved!

Lace hearts said...

Very funny!
I understand the code now... it's weird, I don't get it on the pooter, but do on the lappy, so I can see the code thing you mean. I think I did something wrong with dingbats - it says, enjoy your preparations, lovely bloggers!
Thank you for your wise words...I shall be strong... xxx

prettyshabby said...

hello Claire..I've just read your message on jellybelly and it really made me laugh I'm still sniggering now.That family guy video made me really laugh too,so funny.. thanks!
It took me ages to work out the posting video thingy