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Monday, 24 November 2008

And the winner is.................

A very sniffly snotty small boy picked a name out of the bowl................
but then got camera shy........well Mr Tumble came on cbeebies to be more correct!!
Well done Second Wind!!! (second wind who hasn't updated her blog for yages :) does angel know lol!!!!)
If you get your address to me, I'll pop it in the post for you.

Thank You everyone for some fabulous ideas for wedding favours, and great links too.
I am totally puzzled as to what I will do still.

We are not having a sit down hoo ha (well we are for 9 people after our actual ceremony on the Friday), but I still wanted favours on my tables at our party on the Saturday.

I love love love the idea of gingerbread men for the children, and this could work (as long as I don't have to find the time to make them!), Laura (happy birthday btw!) suggests icing the Tesco gingerbread men, which I think is a definate possibility!

As for the grown ups favours...I'll get back to you in the New Year when I will be in serious wedding mode!! But sweeties seem to be a repeat suggestion, and I have found someone on ebay (US) who will personalise ribbon to tie them up....or is that a bit narcissistic????(yes I did need to check the spelling on that big for Monday morning word!!)
ooh its a nightmare having my head filled with such trivialities!!!
And I thought the dress would be the problem (actually not a problem at all, but the shoes could be!!)


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

You don't need to go to the US for printed ribbon.
I can't remember who does it here in the UK, but it will come to me.
When it does, I shall let you know!

angel said...

OH DOLLOP, i am so so so so so so so so wasit, that i can't even speak? i thought i had it all sewed up............ wail sob humph........... NOBODY LOVES ME ANYMORE..............

Well done *GAG* *Choke* Second Wind...... mutter mutter.

second wind said...

Claire, thank you thank you, what a lucky girl I am.I had looked for them since first they were mentioned but hadn't managed to find them.Just right too for filling with Christmas homemade goodies and will be shown off proudly instead of my motley collection of old plastic containers!! Let us know what favours you finally decide on. I love the gingerbread men/ladies for the young ones. Have pmed you xx

Lace hearts said...

Lucky second wind!
Your swap is also nearly ready, but please don't be disappointed if there's no hand made in there. I lacked inspiration for handmade cosy night in... don't know why! xxx