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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

weekend crafting

We are on operation "decorate our bedroom" here chez dollop,the last room of a large renovation/building/decorating project so our mojo has been lost a bit!!!
I left Mr D to the crappy jobs - painting etc etc (let me know when you want the new duvet cover putting on dear hehehe!!!) and took full advantage of the fact our 3 year old was with his grandparents....
*bedroom still not finished but I am very hopeful that I should have something to show after the weekend *
I started and finished some swap items, (not showing you those just yet!!)
Half finished a birthday gift, made a new baby gift for my friend whose baby boy is due this week.
(love this fabric with the turtles on!!)
made some fat hens

(currently flat hens!!)
And continued my obsession with all things union jack - making loads of these brooches, some still works in progress!
Some are being worn, some been given to people, so not in the photo!! I was on a roll!
Back to normal this week where I get frustrated at not being able to do any sewing inbetween school runs 4 times a day and following the baby round while he empties out cupboards/bins/bags etc etc!! (though thats a post for another day lol!!)


bekimarie said...

I am so glad i'm not the only one with a cupboard/bag and bin emptying baby.
Jack goes one step further and likes to eat of the bin.
I can't remember my others being like it lol!
You certainly got lots of crafting done, it all looks great, well done!

Have a good week.
Beki xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

golly you have been busy!!! love everything you have done especially the union jack hearts - are they felt? and have you padded them or are they flat?
no more questions for now LOL
looking forward to the great bedroom reveal..........

lesley x

bex said...

hehehehe flat chickens!!! it looks like you have been very busy!! keep an eye out for the going to post your swap goodies today!!

Emma Loves Stitching said...

Love the flat chickens, did you make a pattern or follow one? Would love to make some for Easter for me and the boys, could you let me know please :)
Emma x

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

I just love your blog! It is so interesting I am just glued to my laptop reading everything! I am now a new follower to your blog and can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!


MelMel said...

What very cute fat em!
Excellent for Easter, or anytime really!!!

angel said...

FLAT HENS... lol they are so funny.
Well done on getting out of boring *work* hopefully he will get it finished asap for you, well you really need to get that duvet on, dontya.... lol :-)

Love and hugs Honey X x X x X x X