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Monday, 30 March 2009

catching up

last week
Aswell as receiving my 2 fabulous swaps, I actually managed to send my swaps out to my can see what I sent here and here.
Loving what Sharon has done with the garland I made...I did send a disclaimer with was an experiment inspired by an easter garland I bought in TK Maxx (to be blogged about later!!).
(I am becoming a one trick pony with the UJ cushions...must leave my comfort zone!!)

I did some sewing ..... some more UJ brooches and these made using this tutorial (thanks lacey xx) - very very addictive!!

the weekend
Yet another one where we haven't done anything 'nice'....this house has taken up A LOT of our precious weekends over the last almost 4 years (wow 4 years- time flies and all that!)

sorting out my workroom - one shelf is tidy - its a start :)

another bag of fabric sorted (being ruthless with stuff I have accumulated that I know I will never use). One of my sons teachers has taken it off my hands for art/textiles lessons. Recycling at its best eh!!!

We are on the home straight now, our bedroom is nearly finished......
(ooh very crumpled linen!!!)
Still need the curtain pole in the bay put up and therefore the curtains!! We have the other curtain up though....but no tieback!!!
A shelf (already purchased) up above our bed.
The light needs fitting...a LA bargain...can't actually remember what it looks like, it was bought last November!! Its chandeliery I think!!

And general pretty making needs doing :)(looking very sparse - and those things won't be staying on the mantelpiece either!!!)
I stood and ironed last night whilst watching Lost (never missed one yet I still haven't a scooby whats occuring lol!!! Just when I think I've 'got it' something happens to throw me off the scent!!) and Desperate Housewives...actually emptied the basket for the first time since Christmas, my lovely new husband made no mention of the fact it was all his stuff at the bottom of the basket that gets left :)

Hoping for a week filled with 3year old has started Easter I'm not hopeful!! And my new CK catalogue came....thats my evening sorted!!


Anonymous said...

I love having the kids at home just need to remember it once in a while you know when you are in to the umpteenth week of summer holidays and the house looks like a bomb site.

Have a really good easter.

love emmax xxxx

Pixiedust said...

Your bedrooms looking lovely. Enjoy your CK Catalogue tonight, I'm sure a glass of wine would go down well while perusing the pages! xxx

Shabby Chick said...

I think your bedroom is looking lovely, the toile curtains are brilliant.

I love Lost as well, we tend to watch it in chunks (we missed the first two series originally then watched the episodes constantly for about a week to catch up!). Very confusing, the whole time shift thing is getting me at the moment. Still, if I get confused I can always contemplate Sawyer ;)

Hope you have a great evening, Mel xxx

bekimarie said...

Bedroom looking lovely Mrs Dollop, love your UJ cushion on the bed. They're a bit addictive aren't they, i'm in the process of doing another.
Well done on the fabric bucket. I'm not brave enough to try one, wish I was. Love the paddington fabric!
Have a good week.
Beki xxx

p.s I have an award for you over on my blog!

bekimarie said...

I think your little man and my little man would get on so well. Jack is forever trying to plug things into the sockets and I think i've mentioned before about the cupboard and bin raiding lol!
I'm so fed up with unplayed with toys everywhere that i'm going to box a load of them up and alternate them every few weeks.
Beki xxx

bex said...

your bedroom is looking good!! hope that your easter hols go ok

angel said...

I cant believe you gaveded away all that fabric!!!!!!!! what was you finking woman!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow i love your bedroom its lovely, i am sure everyone loved your swaps, your very talented.:-)

I also love the bucket with Paddington on it, i have a quilt with him on it and never thought to use it like that....... erm as in i never thought to cut it up and use it for crafts ..... oh i know what i mean.....
Love and huggles Honey. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

MaryPoppins said...

Your bedroom is looking fabulous darling :)

And the cushions look lovely, well done on the buckets, glad mine is not the only one with a little crunch ;)




Lace hearts said...

Wow, it looks so clean and tidy... wouldn't dare post a pic of my bedroom. The UJ cushions are addictive aren't they... just like the buckets. Keep at em! xxx

Country Bliss said...

Your bedroom's looking lovely and you're so lucky having a workroom. I gave up on Lost it completely lost me!
Yvonne x

MelMel said... ck book came too...oh its lovely! home is so pretty!xxxx

sadie said...

have you seen the cutlery in the CK catalogue? I WANT!!!!!! I must have it. :o)

oh the empty laundry basket feeling, it's one of the best feelings in the world. Shame it's a never ending task. You must be doing laundry non stop, having so many troops in the house. I only have the husband and the girl and it feels to me as if I never stop!

be brave with the mags! I can't part with Vogue or Martha Stewrt Living, but I force myself to be tough with CL. Have to, or the house would be all mags and laundry and not much else!

Your bedroom looks lovely. We're going to be wallpapering in our main bedroom soon and I can't wait!


Thecraftytrundler said...

Your bedroom is lovely!! I SPY another lovely UJ cushion!! I didnit realise the next CK catalogue was out!!! Now that is something to look forward to!! : )
After doing nearly 2 weeks of decorating, cleaning, and helping move, Callum & I had a stomach bug last week! This weekend, I was going over to Dave's for a restful weekend. Friday evening, the clutch went on my car!!!! : ( Have now found a newer car, but mine will be going to "the car graveground in the sky"! It's quite sad, as she has done me well for the last 8 years!!!
Anyway, onwards & upwards!!! Have a great week : )

Sharon xx