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Sunday, 20 December 2009

A final pause in advent

Its the home straight now as far as preparing for Christmas. In fact all I have left to do is brave the supermarket...probably tomorrow. Let the fun and laziness can begin.....My husband works very hard for our family - most weeks he leaves the house at stupid o clock on a Monday morning, not returning until Friday night or Saturday morning. Christmas is the only time that he takes time off to do nothing. I look forward to his week or so off, probably as much as he does!

Sarah at Red Gingham has today talked about time as part of her pause in advent...and time is what is important to our family at Christmas. It is the only school holiday where there is no pressure to fill up the days with activities. The only time all 6 of us are at home together. The only time we feel no guilt at 'wasting' our days in front of the telly and fire in our jarmies...definately the best part for us!!We will plough our way through the sweets and goodies I have been squirrelling away for the past 3 months, not to mention the too many to mention bottles of wine that are in the wine cellar..ha ha.... we also call it the loft!!!

We will read together, play cards, play games - board and brother is travelling from the north especially to (I quote) kick my husbands butt at golf on the wii!!!! We will walk together, eat together and very likely bicker together...but its precious time spent with my family, that is usually just snatched or rushed for the rest of the year.

I can't wait for Wednesday night :)

Before then I shall be catching up with friends, going to the panto with 2 of the boys and mum. It'll be C's first time, so very exciting!

All the presents are bought and wrapped, and sitting under the tree....

(I love my tree more this year than I did last year...said the same last year too!!)

This Christmas will not be 'the perfect christmas' , I haven't made all the decorations I planned to. I haven't shopped for new decorations like I planned. I haven't handmade everybody a gift like I planned. I haven't made a fabulous table runner like I planned. I haven't tested new recipes for Christmas meals like I planned. And I certainly haven't lost the stone in weight I planned!!! But I have had a relatively stress free advent. And I will have a very lazy, cozy and enjoyable Christmas - like I planned!!


Lalabibaby said...

Enjoy Claire and don't worry about the things you haven't done .... hope you and the boys have the best of times together x

Sarah said...

Claire that sounds fabulous! Your poor husband having to work so hard, you too for that matter. I hope you all really enjoy the time off. It's lovely to just stay at home and enjoy, isn't it? And don't you worry about that list of undone things. Just start off where you finished next year! Who will know, who will care?

Have yourselves a wonderful family Christmas. Love Sarah xxxx

Sarah said...

That sounds great Claire, and pretty much like household. It's the one time of the year you can shut the world out and do exactly what you want to do.

VintageVicki said...

Claire - I think we'll all be the same - so much we'd have liked to have done but not quite finished.

Nevermind, enjoy your time together as a family.

Wish you & yours a very merry christmas.

Vicki xxx

TheMadHouse said...

Sounds like the perfect Christmas to me. Enjoy and have a wonderful time

Rachel said...

Your Christmas sounds lovely! I think letting go of the idea of the "perfect" Christmas is the key to enjoying it. We will certainly be spending lots our time wasting the day in front of the telly too!
Hope you all have a lovely time.
Merry Christmas!
Rachel xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Have a lovely Christmas!!! all the preparations are nothing without having your family around you.
I love ithe inspiration of the Kirstie programmes, but it's not real life is it? You just have to pick out the few bits that you do have time to do. There's always next year lol!!!

Happy New Year too : )


Anonymous said...

Have an imperfect Christmas ... they're the best. Now that I only aim to be imperfect I've realised I'm really good at it!

There are cards I haven't sent .. things I haven't done ..

One thing's for sure you'll be with the ones you love and who love you.


Serenata said...

Being able to relax and enjoy Christmas is the best thing, and you are not alone in lots of planned things not done believe me!

Your tree looks just perfect.

Mary Poppins said...

What a moving post and I am with you all the way gal, all the way. Makes the day more spicy, if there are things I have forgotten or the lunch gets a little frazzled etc. I think I would be more than happy to settle for a healthy, happy family sitting around my table, eating too many Brussel sprouts and then us all paying the consequences and having a laugh about it ;)

Have a funtastic Christmas and don't worry about what has not been done but what has :)

Hugs and Love


Kristy said...

How good does it feel to let go of self expectations? A relaxed host is a perfect host as Ali (domesticali) said on my blog.