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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Pause in Advent - week 2.

As I sit to write this post I am thinking this is a new tradition I would like - the choosing of the tree on the second Sunday in Advent.....we always do have a real tree, but I usually send out lovely husband to get it (with strict instructions obviously!!!) whenever we have a day that he is at home and we have no committments.
I like the idea that we will always know when we are putting up our Christmas Tree. I'm afraid I can't put it up in November. My mother would kill me for starters. Her rule was not before the 12th!!
So today (by sheer fluke that it is the second in advent...) we traipsed into the country to choose our tree. (we all wore wellies!!!!)The farm offered a tractor and trailer ride to the big fields to choose our tree to be chopped down. There were 2 very pleased little boys and a going along with it 12 year old one!! This will become another tradition in our family I think. It made the getting of the tree a much more special event than the usual getting in the car, collecting it, going home thing!!
(hmm this looks a good one...)(but I better check it fulfills mummy's strict height criteria!!)
The decorating of the tree will be done this evening when the small children are in bed. They can 'help' with their tree but not mine. I'm not precious about the tree, I like a rustic, traditional crossed with scandanavian style - ok anything goes!!! And although I lack the gene that allows me to decorate beautifully and with symmetry I don't like the 8 baubles on one branch look.

Here it is in situ after moving the furniture in my not overly big lounge around!! Lovely Husband refused to lug the very heavy chest that normally lives in the bay, its a long coffee table next to his armchair.So its a Christmas movie and mulled wine whilst trimming up the tree night tonight....
And of course the outing to choose a tree, gave me a more exciting activity to put in the calendar....which so far is working really well. A definate keeper for next years calendar!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely post!

At the moment you have a tree and no baubles and I have baubles and no tree!

Do you still want those leaves?

Sarah said...

What a lovely tree Claire. You have such nice trees over that side of the world. People here have pine trees that have long needles and are very difficult to decorate. People with hayfever like myself, have fake trees.

Hope you had fun decorating your tree last night. Sounds very lovely. Looking forward to seeing your perfectly decorated tree!

Sarah said...

Enjoy the tree decorating. I know what you mean about extra 'helpers' - children don't 'get' spacing and the visual look of the decorations!

TheMadHouse said...

what a lovely tradition to start. We have an artificial one due to having a pussy cat!! I think it looks like a fantastic tree.

My tree sits behind a sofa so the minimads do the lower branches and I do the higher ones

lemonade kitty said...

It looks like you picked the best tree on the farm! It's lovely and bushy with no bald bits lol. I too decorated the tree today, I have artificial ones inside and a real one outside...Lucey xx

Lina said...

Haha, I chuckled at the comment about your mum. Mine is exactly the same. So I can't bring myself to put up the tree until next weekend!

Mary Poppins said...

What a beautiful tree, we went to look yesterday but being the skin flints we are, couldn't believe the prices, over £40.00 for a 6 foot, maybe this is the going rate, havent bought a real one for a couple of years.

Yours looks lovely, I remember when the DH and I first moved in together as boyfriend and girlfriend, our first christmas tree had about four baubles on it and one string of lights, bless her, she looked so bare



Serenata said...

A lovely tree - can't wait to see it decorated. I too have the baubles and not the tree. Well we do have one in the loft, but I quite fancy a real one this year...

Florence and Mary said...

That sounds like a wonderful tradition!

We usually have a real tree but with my little nephew this year we've gone for an artifical one.

Victoria xx

PS I prefer Nigella too but I'm a sucker for any cookbook... esp a Christmas one!

VintageVicki said...

Looking forward to seeing the tree with all its decorations on it.

We always have a pretend tree these days - ever since we've had children.

One day we'll get back to real ones.

PS - the mad cluttered look is what we go for here ;)

The sewing room said...

What a great tree will look good with some baubles on LOL. Just a quick note Claire i have put your parcel in the post this morning i have sent it second class signed for okay, i hope you like your presents ,i for got to put a message in but never mind big hugs Pat