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Friday, 19 February 2010

Nursery Favourites

I am hoping that somebody will be able to help me dating a thrifty find.I have googled but its not turning up anybody remember this (or anyone seen one ever???)
Its a 45rpm plastic flexi record with nursery rhymes on.
Its a promotional item from Heinz Baby Foods..not dated but Susan Baxter was the lady you needed to write to back then at the Baby Foods Advisory Service.
I wonder if its 1960's or 1970's??
Inside it asks if you have the newly revised booklet 'From Milk to Mixed Diet'..
As you can see the baby on the inside photo looks fairly vintage!
I picked it up in a charity shop a while ago..I thought I would frame it as I like the vintage nursery rhyme pictures..but when I found it the other day I decided I would try and find out when it was given out.
I wonder if it came free with Heinz baby milk (devout breastfeeder here so maybe I should boycott it lol!! - these days the milk companies are not allowed to promote in the same ways!!!)
Or were there 'bounty packs' of sorts in the 60's or 70's??
Hmm - maybe I need to ring or email Heinz to find out...only thought of that whilst I was typing duh!!!

Maybe one of you have a copy yourself, I'd love to know how they were issued x


melanie said...

I have never seen that before, but I think it is so sweet and adorable. Good luck with finding out more about it. :) xxx said...

Maybe 50's or 6o's? Not really too sure, but it really is lovely! suzie. xxx

charl said...

never seen anything like that before.. id ring heinz if i was you and ask them!!

thanks for your comment on the bathroom.. bath is cast iron.. its sooo scratched on the inside in need of re-enameling now as it constantly looks dirty.!!

vintage flair1 said...

How lovely! it reminds me of something from the 60's. It so sweet it's worth finding out more about it if you can.
Good luck!
Bridie x

Lace hearts said...

Isn't that lovely. I'd bet anything it's 1960s. What a good find - would look fab framed.

A Country Girl said...

I'd say that baby photo looks 60's at the latest.

Lovely find.