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Friday, 18 July 2008

An award....

....from the lovely lace threads...THANK YOU!!

I suppose this means at least 1 person reads my waffle lol!

Now there are a list of to do's...

1 . Put the piccy on my blog....check!!
2. Put a link/or mention ....check!!

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.......this is hard as I am curently enjoying many (WAY too many!!!!) blogs.....but I shall pass on the award to:

Raspberry Grace - - Curlew Country --Creating something out of chaos - - A more green and simple life - - Mary Poppins - - All things shabby chic - -country heart and home

4.Link to these blogs.....all can be found on the sidebar so...check!!

5. Leave a message on their blog.....check!!

I feel rather embarrassed about receiving this - how sad is that!!!!!

My sewing machine has had a few outings this week (I've broken 4 needles - please tell me if my machine needs looking at or if I need to be gentler or perhaps I need to read the instruction book again and play with the settings!!??!!?? ) - I'll leave you with a pic of my reuble booble sitting on his new floor mat made from a cut up old lightweight duvet and a thrifted paddington cot duvet cover.....7 months worth of gorgeousness :)


Lace Threads said...

you feel embarrassed! lol. Well, I think your blog is lovely! Lovely pic of littley. Caroline x

donna said...

thank-you for the award claire i appreciate it, will do the nominations etc on mine as soon as poss.

angel said...

He is so sweet Dollop. :-)

I have been nominated Millions of times, but i dont have the time to put that fingy on my Bloggie blog blog [lastic wont show me how to either].
Thanks for showing us your award. :-)