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Friday, 25 July 2008

Red Arrows

It's the airshow in town today (and yesterday), I chose not to battle down the seafront amongst the noise and the thousands of people and sit in my garden and see what I could see.
Now as my dad was in the RAF, I have had no shortage of planes in my life, and I do struggle to muster up much enthusiasm!!!

But...the red arrows flew over my house, and I mean over the house and garden!! And low....low as in I could almost see the pilot smiling at me low!!!

Wow!! It was a bit of a rush!! I watched them at tea time last night and purposely went in the garden for them starting this lunchtime...I am in awe..those guys are amazing!!!
Pics are courtesy of google image - sadly not me!!!!


angel said...

See now Dollop, i was just about to comment on how wonderful your Photo's were when you had to spoil it with the Google thingy.... LOL.
What a wonderful sight, wow.
once when the Queen was doing something "indoors" we had all the hairyplanes come over us, that was amazing, it was always my ambition to fly a plane but owing to the fact that i married a pauper that aint never gunna happen. lol.
Thanks for the lovely post, again. Mwah X x X x X x X

Sal said...

I love to see them!
They are usually in Devon, in August, and often fly across our house.
Apparently, Dartmouth is the best place to watch them as they fly quite low over the river.
Great pics!!

MaryPoppins said...

I watched them in Beaumaris and yes I cried I told you I cry easily lol
The Red Arrows are Fabulous X

sharie said...

Wow great pictures on your blog.
I used to watch the Red Arrows when I was on Anglesey and I've seen them from a distance a couple of times since. Great stuff.

BTW did I mention that you've been tagged? Yep I've tagged you and now you need to come over to my place to see how!

This Vintage Life... said...

The arrows are an awesome sight aren't they? I can actually watch them anytime I like as they are based not far away from me and are up training regularly around Lincoln. And it's free!
I also thought 'wow, great pictures'! You should have taken the credit. lol

Country Cottage Chic said...

They are amazing! They often fly over us (out in the South West) when they are practicing