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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Girly shopping

I had to drive to the next town today for my car's MOT (it passed!!), I decided me and 2 little boys would walk from the garage, about half an hour (15mins without a 3yr old lol!!) to the massive Tesco.
So even though August was supposed to be minimum spend month, I ended up doing a bit of girly shopping!!!
A pink fleece blanket to snuggle up with whilst watching telly box, a flowery CK shopper (I only ever saw the blue spotty one in my tesco and that was ok but didn't rock my world!!), some socks with pink mini's on (incidentally pink mini is the car my eldest son will be buying me when he is an internationally famous architect!!) And some fabulous (almost too good to use) pink dishcloths - don't they look perfect with the blue version my mum put in my Christmas stocking?!?!
(I know lots of bloggers have these dishcloths now the million dollar question - do you use them?? I have used a couple but it hurt to do so!! Do you leave them out on display?? I'd love to hear!)
Its also been a good post week, my order from here came today. I am very impressed - pretty heart topped pins- fab floral binding - gorgeous green spotty ribbon , aswell as a few other goodies.
Also a brand spanking CK Kids catalogue plopped onto the mat this week. I had to sit down to look through it - it is so painfully gorgeous!!!!
Cowboys is my favouritist print - we have an eco bag (£8 worth of pap quality actually - but its sweet!!) and 2 little boys have the melamine plates, bowls etc, but now they both need the pyjamas - hey, I need the pyjamas...CK if you are listening adult sizes would be good!!! I love it...especially this....
yum -yum - yum -yum!!!
I'm off to make a wish list!!!!

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Lace Threads said...

Those bears are so cute. But jealous - I was in CK a couple of days ago and they only had the old catalogue.
Glad to hear your order came: the pins and the bias are so yum. Can't wait to see what you do with it!