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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Olympic Show and Tell

Over on fifties girl's blog she's holding an Olympic Show and Tell - show people your favourite treasures in the colours of the Olympic rings, starting with blue , then black, red, yellow and green.
What a great is a nice easy start for me (I could be struggling with black lol!!) as I have lots of blue so one thing wasn't an option!!
First up is 2 little hangers - the 'boys room' one came from a little shop in Weymouth which was run by a really lovely German lady - sadly when I returned the following year the shop had shut down. The 'thank heavens...' cushion I bought whilst pregnant the last time - let me tell you I don't always say thank heavens for them!!!
Next is a corner of the shelves in my dining room - the bear was a pressie from my eldest son when he went skiing with my parents, the cabbage plates were bought ages ago and I always intended to add to them....I have 2!!! The tea cup is Ikea and the jug speaks for itself!!!

Finally, a bit of my blue tableware mostly Johnson Bros but a few bits of Swinnertons too. The square plate was my Grandma's. It does all get used regularly, hence why its just sort of dolloped in the cupboard rather than 'arranged'!!!
Hope you show and tell too.......


fiftiesgirl said...

Hi Claire,
Love your Johnson bros stuff its gorgeous. Some really lovely things there. x x

Country Bliss said...

All really pretty things especially your tableware, such a lovely shade of blue.