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Monday, 1 December 2008


For William......
We had a birthday last week, my second son (he doesn't like being described as number2 strangely lol!!!) was 11.
My diddy (his smaller brother couldn't say William, now he can but we all still call him diddy!!)is growing up quick...he is the quietest and least 'needy' of all my boys and tends to get forgotten. Which is not as sad as it sounds - he loves it as it means we forget he is on one of his games consoles..again!! I suppose in larger families this is what happens, he who shouts loudest and all that!!!
Dids has the most amazing skill......gaming......he can complete games within the same day of getting them - it isn't necessarily a skill I am that chuffed about, lol, but we've all got to be good at something!!!
And now he is 11... the lovliest son and brother anyone could wish for. And remember diddy dewdrop...even though mummy shouts at you to get off your wii, because its a school night and you really shouldn't have sneaked back on it.....she loves you tons XxxX


angel said...

Oh how sweet, Happy Birthday ickle William.
Now i am a bit of a wiz on the old wii meself....... if ya fink ya better than me wanna play tennis, well if you are then ........ erm......... ya better play someone else.... lol.

Hope you get lots of great stuff for Christmas ....... mwah X x X x X

MaryPoppins said...

Happy Eleven to William :)

And what a magnificent cake Claire, Mmmmm yummy can I have some :)

Love Mary X

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh William - December's such a GOOD month for a birthday! I just love the look of that cake - I suppose there's not just the teensiest slice left?