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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Thank You Angel

I won Angel's giveaway last month and I collected the parcel this morning......
I've just had a fun half hour rummaging through all the jewels!! (the blue box contains a lovely silver piccy frame that my camera doesn't like photographing - the glare!!! It will be used for a wedding photo if I look normal enough on any of them)

Check out the fab cameo's and sweet brooches.
There really are lots of lovelies -so its only fair that I play sharesies .....if you want one of the brooches below just email me your address and I'll pop one in the post. (let me know which one!!)
So Fanks you very much Angel xxxxx
As I've had some good giveaway luck lately -I shall have a giveaway of my own soon - I've been making something new and (I think) cute :)
Wedding update later this week - it might get it straight in my mind whats left to do!!!


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ooo lovely pretties how kind of Angel :-) wedding updates quick please - i love weddings and keep getting my fix through your blog :-)
Lesley x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

you know i did once ask hubby if we could get divorced so we could get married again and i could plan my wedding all over again LOL
Lesley x

Tracy x said...

thank you for visiting me - how lovely to meet you :)
and how lucky are you with all those goodies!
the green bird is simply lovely - i must sit down with a cup of tea in the morning and have a read through your blog x
t x

Shabby Chick said...

Wow, gorgeous things! Love the birds :)

Mel xxx

angel said...

Lol, Dolly, i told you it was a load of rubbish.......lololololol

Lots of love Honey. XXXXXXXXXX

[i cant wait to see what your getting up to, Weddings are such fun........Doh, did i really say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Elaine said...

Good job it's not spring yet, those magpies would be sweeping down for sure.
Enjoy all your sparklies.

Love and blessings

The Stones said...

Love all the jewels - the little girl in me digging around in her mom's jewellery box will never die! Can't wait to hear about the wedding plans, I agree with Lesley - would LOVE to do it all over again!

Country Bliss said...

Wow lots of lovely bits especially the birds. Looking forward to seeing your wedding update.
Yvonne x

angel said...

Oh i forgot to say, that pink necklace is from an old lady who is at our church, she was given it by a *Friend* in the war! i thought you would look after it better than me.
Love and hugs XXXXXXXXXXX
BTW where is the wedding update!!!!
Mush mush get on with it woman, you aint got anything better to do, ave ya.....Lol XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

angel said...

Thats the one Dollop, i hope you enjoy it, i thought it was pretty, but my neck is soooooo biggerer, it wont fit.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

What cute stuff!!!

M ^..^

Anonymous said...

good luck with all your wedding finishing off. Nightmare!

Love Emma xxxxx