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Saturday, 28 February 2009

All for Love

The lovely MaryPoppins wrote to me the other day and sent me this fabulous book, inscribed for my wedding day.
Its called All for Love, a romantic anthology - and is filled with quotations. It was wrapped in the cowboy fabric it is sitting well Mary knows what makes me happy! x
Some of the quotations made me go 'ahhh' and some made me chuckle, some also made me think 'oh yes how true'!!!!

How about...I shall be great and you rich, because we love each other (Victor Hugo 1802-85)
or Love keeps out the cold better than a cloak (anon)

Very apt for the climate of uncertainty we are living in now.

The future Mr Dollop thinks that this one ...Many a man has fallen in love with a girl in a light so dim he would not have chosen a suit by it (Maurice Chevalier 1888-1972) fitting for how we met ;) - how rude!!!

At times, I agree with this quote.... It destroys one's nerves to be amiable every day to the same human being (Benjamin Disraeli 1804-81) - I shouldn't think I'm alone!!!

The poem 'Loss' by Wendy Cope brought back memories of the end of my first marriage...
The day he moved out was terrible -
That evening she went through hell.
His absence wasn't a problem
But the corkscrew went as well.

In my case I kept the corkscrew, but I am still mourning the loss of the antique chest of drawers and the collection of vintage radios we had aquired that I somehow and somewhat foolishly agreed to him taking!!!!!

This anonymous poem made me giggle....
When he and I got under the sheet,
I let him have his way complete,
And now my girdle will not meet.
Dear God, what shall I say of it?

Thank you Mary for thinking of me and sending me something so special (inscribed so I can treasure forever xx).
This lovely was a surprise from a lovely lady over at SCC. Again, she knows me very well. RoseS even opened a brand new roll of CK wallpaper for my parcel, I shall think of her every time I light the tealight in the hanging heart.
I am overwhelmed by peoples kind wishes that I have received already for our marriage. I love that my online friends care enough to think of us. I thank everyone x

Last night, I showed up at a friends for one of our regular girls nights. They had organised me a surprise hen night. I hadn't planned to have one - I didn't really have the time or energy to co-ordinate people for a night out!! Oh they spoilt me!! There are pictures on a friends camera which I hope to get by email very soon, but they put a veil and tiara on me, had organised and cooked a 3 course meal, bubbly, goody bags including very cheeky drinking straws!! ;)
The table was set in my teal and silver theme, with a hen night cake centrepiece,and individual buttonhole flowers. The conservatory was decked out with teal and silver balloons and we sat and enjoyed our wine and put the world to rights!!
I got in at 3am this morning but still managed to wake up full of joy, knowing that I have had such a fabulous start to my last week as a single person!!!
6 more sleeps!!!
I have a giveaway planned but I don't think I'll get chance to post it this week (no idea why??!!), in the meantime have you seen Emma's fab bead watch giveaway over at Jellybelly*Jellybrain? (ooh that link was s-lick!!!)
EDIT my blog sidebar has been chaotic lately as I'm trying to work out which way is best for me to keep up with my blog reading!! So I'm faffing a lot!! I think I'm going to change back to the Blog List but I'm losing the will tonight - please don't be offended if you are not on there yet lol!!!


Shabby Chick said...

How lovely, the book and the heart are gorgeous. The one about the girdle made me laugh too!!! I hope that you and Mr Dolly Dollop are very very happy :)

Mel xxx

MaryPoppins said...

You are very welcome and I wish you the most fabulous wedding day, filled with love, Laughter, Happiness and a tinkling of hanky panky :)


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

lovely things you are lucky :-)
the quotations were so good
enjoy your last week !!!

oh and im baffled at the moment between "Following" "blog list" and using "bloglines" :-S
Lesley x

angel said...

Oh im so flipping offended, where did shabby go!!!!!!!!!

Your "Hen" night sounds wonderful, how sweet of your girlfriends. ((((hugs))))

Ickle Mary is so lovely isnt she.... oh but then, so are you. *smile*

Have a wonderful week darling, enjoy the runn up to your Special day.

Loads of love and hugs. X x X x X x X

Shabby Chick said...

Sorry!!!!!!! Sian has left a comment after you suggesting you could make them with food colouring and a stencil :)

Mel xxx

angel said...

S'ok i found it.:-)

angel said...

Looked flippin everywhere! it slipped in while i was on the phone, no explanations nuffin!
So i have grounded it for a week and no sweets for a fortnight.
That should do it. *Smile*

Huggles Honey. :-)

Country Bliss said...

What a lovely book and heart. I hope you're enjoying your last week of freedom and are not getting too stressed with all the last minute bits and pieces.
Yvonne x

MelMel said...

Hello....enjoy your last week as single lady!

Lovely gifts...Mary is a sweetie!

Thank you for popping by and saying such lovely stuff!xxx

MelMel said...

Hi Clare.....I'm so pleased that your boy is a good boy!

I wish the little horrors here would take a leaf out of his I write they are throwing wheelie bins across the road.....nice!

I'm sre one day it will be better....thank goodness blogland is a pretty and lovely place to be.....:>)))xxxxx

MaryPoppins said...

We would be sooooooo Norty wouldn't we :)

Ohooo yes love me Asda too you know

I am getting very excited, you shall cry buckets won't you, I always cry at weddings :)

A very excited Mary


MaryPoppins said...

Your lovely cushion is right at home on my bed :)


Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for the advice Claire :)

The beaded heart did take quite a long time! I think I will be OK letting go of it though there are some things which I keep thinking 'That would look perfect over there' etc and I will probably be hoping they don't sell, heehee

Mel xxx

OhSoVintage said...

I have just found your blog and have worked out that tomorrow is your wedding day. I wish you a wonderful day and a lifetime of happiness together. Love the poems, particularly the Wendy Cope one!

Lace hearts said...

What a lovely book, and especially so wrapped in the CK fabric. And a gorgeous heart as well.
I hope you and Mr Dollop are going to have a terrific day tomorrow. Love me xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Have never seen your blog before, came over from Little Gem's. Love the blog, have a fantastic day, and wish you all the best for your future!!! ; )

Sharon xxx

angel said...

Thinking of you all day.... love and a million hugs Honey.


I'm so excited for you. :-)

bekimarie said...

Congragulations to both of you. Wishing you much love and happiness for the future.
Big hugs
Beki xxx

Curlew Country said...

All the very best for your special day. Many congratulations!

bex said...

Hello, congrats on your wedding to be. ive just found out that we are swap partners on faerie nuff's easter swap!! hope the stuff i send turns out to be ok!!

Trish said...

Hope you had the most wonderful day sweetie xxx

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