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Monday, 2 February 2009

jumping on the bandwagon briefly!!

Just so I didn't feel left out I got out the crochet hook my mother in law gave me and some of the wool left over from a knitted project (done by my mother in law!!) and The Readers Digest book of all things needlework....and...
After 35 minutes reading about how to hold the yarn.. I managed to master chain stitch...

I didn't even understand double crochet ( I may look for a tutorial online laters!) so my dreams of crocheted corsages have been shattered!!
I thought that I was cack handed knitting.....this was another thing altogether - I wish somebody had taken pics of my attempt - hilarious!! My mother in law crochets and watches tv so I'm sure I must be doing something drastically wrong...maybe she can show me - if she has enough patience....or maybe give it up as a bad job :)
Oh well - can't be good at everything eh lol!!!!


Raspberry Grace said...

Dolly, as well as having a mutual love of LA gingham and CK Antique Rose it seems we are both officially crap at crochet! (although, to be fair, you actually managed to form a chain which is way better than me - I could not even figure out how to hold the yarn properly - I felt like my hands had switched over and I'd becme left handed it felt so strange!)

I feel strangely comforted by this, I'm not alone!

Sorry *looks sheepish*

Love, and a consoling hug, Rasp x

Anonymous said...


Love Emma xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I wasnt shouting that by the way - just had capital lock on!

Love Emma xxxxxx

thriftymrs said...

Youtube has some terrific tutorials that really help as you can watch each stitch over and over and do it at the same time as them.
Good luck with it.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

LOL you did make me laugh with your post then :-) i only learnt how to do it on Thursday last week and via Youtube tutorials!! something called the Knitwitch i think ??? anyway i know what you mean i was demented after about an hour and then later that day it just clicked so dont give up !! once you get it it seems so simple although i cant imagine ever not having to look at what im doing!!! my flowers are getting better and better so if you still want a corsage and dont mind a wonky one i will send you one :-D
Lesley x

Elaine said...

Keep on keeping on and you'll get there.
Lots of tutes say hold the yarn this way and that, but really it's whatever way you feel comfortable with. I tend to pull lots off the ball and feed it through my left hand, but how it lies depends very much on how much is left.
And I think I hold it differently for different things too (???? maybe)) I'll have to check !!!

Love and blessings

angel said...

Well i think your Chain is gorgeous Dollop, its better than i could ever do.
Keep going you will get there, and when you do, giz one of those fingys your making so i can pass it off as me own... :-)

Love and hugs Honey Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X

MaryPoppins said...

Apologies I hadn't noticed your wonderful and very clever chain work, I was too busy working out what the cowboy back ground was, is it the mat, or the wrapping paper, or the pjs or the bag :)

Well done Clever Clogs X


MaryPoppins said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Claire :)

What exactly does Anon mean, Is it that you don't give your name, or that you don't talk about ones feelings, etc are you anon

Ohooo I love getting to know you claire and i think you have a wonderful way with words, you are very honest and warm and funny and have wonderful taste in wallpaper :)


MelMel said...

Hello.....I love suffolk..Olly is from there....we lived for a while in Ipswich, Olly is from a little village near Crowfield....:>))

Thank you for the lovely comment!

Nothing like a wedding to inspire making memory

Katy said...

psst. you won the giveaway!!! I need your me

Thank you!!!