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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

easter preparations

My mother in law has taken the small boys this morning so I am my new(well bought off ebay last summer and shove in the loft new!!) table in the workroom - its wider and a bit higher, than the previous one, so better to sew at..... (manky though with orange varnish but just got some CK oilcloth samples so I choose something to cover the top) I have cut out some mini fabric buckets and some fat hens...they will be sewn in a minute, I have 3 flat hens that need stuffing to become fat hens and I want to make a couple more brooches. Thats the easter gifts sorted then. I decided that this year I wouldn't be buying easter eggs - the cadbury etc cardboard box versions anyway!! Instead I've been picking up a selection of smaller eggs and easter shaped chocs and made these.....just a selection of sweeties in a cellophane bag tied up with yellow ribbon and lace. I made 7 last week for the kindergarten girls too. Have to say its probably working out the same price as buying an egg (as they are sooooo cheap this year!!) but I think this way is so much prettier. Have you spotted these in Tesco??? So sweet.... I'm trying to get super organised as I am having a wisdom tooth out next week..under sedation, a bone drilling job (gulp!!), and I have a little man turning 4 and having a party on Easter Monday so lots to do in advance in case I'm out of sorts. Mum is coming down so I'll have an extra pair of hands but the control freak in me means I'll have to do a lot myself lol!!!
When I have done this I'm going to put up my little collection of Easter trimmings, and I need to go out this week and find my Easter tree branch too, then I'll be ready :)
Back to the sewing!!


Emma Loves Stitching said...

Looks like your a busy bee this morning, thanx for dropping the pattern round going to get started later!!
Love the alternative to eggs that s the sort of thing I do!!
Take care Emma x

bekimarie said...

Oooh, i'm loving your cowboy hens,(my fave fabric) fab easter gifts much nicer than chocolate. I see all these lovely things and just don't have the confidence to make them.
I'm with you and not buying big eggs this year, seems a bit crazy as like you said they're so cheap at the moment but I still think a total waste of money.
Will be doing an egg hunt in the garden and all the little eggs and bunnies they find will be instead of an egg not as well as.
Have a few other children to but for though so may steal your idea with the cellaphane bags, they look great.
Have a good day
Beki xxx

MelMel said...

Some lovely makes!
Very pretty!

Oh dear about the tooth....:>((
I'm so not a fan of tooothy doc stuff!x

MelMel said...

Hello me idea why odd is that?
Must have a gremlin!LOL

Cheers for popping always leave such lovely comments!xxx

bex said...

busy busy busy bee!!! the cath kidson fat hens look ace

Lace hearts said...

oops, caught me falling asleep with EXHAUSTION at reading your post.
All looks fabadabadoo - love the mini chickens, in fact, think I'll pop off and make some right now. Except I've forgotten how I did mine... will go and sort out the heap on the floor that is my pattern pile. xxx

angel said...

Those Hens are fanblimmintastical, you never cease to amaze me with your skill and prowessnessess.... eeeeek.......

I hope your toof gets gone quickly and you have no pain.... [i didnt so it could happen] and that you recover really quickly.

Love and hugs honey mwah XXXXXXXXXX

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

wow i love the fat hens :-)
i must have a go at the fabric buckets am hoping they are easier than i think!
lesley x

Lajoni said...

What a great idea with the eggs and celephane and your stiched items are gorgeous...have definitely picked up some tips x

MaryPoppins said...

Your hens are fabulicious :)

You are so clever Clare

The paper chains were from John Lewis, think were £3.00 mark, they are sweet I think.

So nice to get little handmade pressies, i have a friend coming to mine and she is normally laden with eggs for the children, I have none in for her children so shall be sewing little somethings for hers, like the idea of a little bucket for the boy, and maybe alittle lavender heart for the girl.

Crikey no more big buckets for me matey ;) was a right faff

love and Hugs


MaryPoppins said...

Claire :) not Clare, bugs me if I spell it wrong ;)


MaryPoppins said...

Good for you Claire I am with ya all the way ;)


Country Bliss said...

I've been making hens too, they're so cute. The cellophane bags look great too so much nicer than a cardboard box egg.
Yvonne x

Elaine said...

I love the way you've added legs to the chickens, blummin gorgeous !!!

Hurry up with all the "finished" photos please.

Love and blessings

MelMel said...

I'm taking mini breaks between jobs!
Boy I'm tired!
Olly is taking me out tonight for a rare meal out!

Think I deserve it!
Just done the bathroom...oh how I dislike that job...tis the pits!xxxx

gingerwine said...

Thought I would pop by and say hello!

I have had wisdom teeth out, 2 at the same time!
And I have to say that it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be, if thats any comfortxx

S xx

Rosesposes said...

I love the hens they look so sweet , what a great idea too.
The choccies look nice too. Yum yum xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hi Claire, love your little easter goodies!!! Definitely more pretty, and nicer than boring boxed eggs!!
You are putting me to shame, you have been so busy!! Love those little hens!!
I have had two wisdom teeth out a few years ago, I know exactly how you feel, as I had to go into hospital too. It wasn't as bad as I thought, and I hope that is your experience too.

Hugs : )

Take care hun!

Sharon xx

clare's craftroom said...

All the best at the dentist . I love the little bags of Easter goodies .

Mr Lee said...

Happy Easter!Hope your all doing well.