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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Vintage Applique

I'm enjoying playing about with applique at the moment, and I'm wondering if its a case of the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
My Grandma was a wonderful seamstress, she used to 'take in' sewing for extra spends while she was a stay at home mum, mainly dressmaking. One Christmas she made us young cousins fabulous tutus, mine was white, big puffy net skirt and a bodice with silver sequins on *sigh*, I wish we had kept it :(
Even though I had the grace of a baby elephant, a girl could dream!!
I don't ever remember her sewing the things I like to sew (ie things that serve no real practical purpose!!), but do recall handmade curtains, pinnys etc.
And this.....
This was a single bedspread, given to me as a Christmas gift about 30 years ago - how it survived I don't know as neither mum or me have ever been great savers of stuff! With good reason really, we have both moved house a lot over the years.
When my eldest was a toddler, it was found and turned into a floor cushion cover and used for a while before I stashed it away.
I remembered it the other week so dug deep in the loft and looked at it with different eyes!
What a labour of love :)
Its a great example of repurposed fabrics being used in crafting too...I reckon that most came from Grandmas dresses
I had a great time looking at this again, with my new crafty eyes lol -
The umbrella and vase are definately dress fabric.. I love the pram...I think that was clothing from one of my looks familiar!!
And I love the queen!
The letter has my name on and a teeny appliqued stamp - I remember loving that as a girl!This sat on my 1970's bed with a skirt made of browny orange bri nylon - yum (some vintage things are best lost with time! )Mum took this off to make the cushion. And luckily she has literally just folded in half to make the cushion cover, and inserted a massive zip.

I have decided to turn it into a quilt. I have unpicked the zip and sides and I'm good to go! I shall back it with something a bit more modern, I think I may just stitch it on to a premade lightweight duvet and one of the little boys can use on their bed.
I've changed my mind, saving stuff is good as long as it has a purpose. This applique is not doing anyone any favours in a bag in the loft and I'm sure that my Grandma would rather things were used and loved.
Maybe one day my applique will be good enough to make something equally fabulous for my granddaughter (yes that specific I have 4 sons I have earnt my granddaughter lol!!). Not sure my embroidery will ever be good enough to go out in public though!!


mitmot said...

what a lovley find, and great that you are going to give it a new life. I have a appligue thing going on at the moment as well!
MM xx

Lace hearts said...

That quilt is gorgeous - I really enjoyed looking at it and reading the history behind it. How lovely that you are giving it a new life. xxx

Sarah said...

Gosh that is so special to have. What a lot of work! The dress is cute too. I imagine she had a lot of fun making that for you. Very creative she was for sure.

Country Bliss said...

That is so lovely, so much work involved too!
Yvonne x

bex said...

thats such an ace thing to have! lucky you

Angie said...

I like the quilt. I've always wanted to learn how to quilt, but I haven't done it yet.

mollycupcakes said...

Congrats honey you've won my 2 year giveaway, I'll tell all over on my blog page.

Big hugs.

Catherine x

Elaine said...

It is so beautiful, what a clever granny you had.
It's really lovely to be able to reuse it, and I'm sure it will be loved for many more years....
especially when you get that GD!

Love and blessings

Shabby Chick said...

Isn't that gorgeous, what a wonderful thing to have! I love the pic of the octopus the best but she obviously worked so hard :)

Mel xxx

Kirsty said...

that is a truly lovely quilt :o)

Anonymous said...