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Monday, 20 July 2009

the week that was!!

Long rambly post alert!!
I have had a week where everything I touched turned to poo!
Crafting wise the start of the week was a total wash out....not the ideal situation when you are late with one swap and have a deadline with the other!!
I have lots more scraps in my scrap basket, and scraps are always handy, yes???!!!
For example, I made a cushion for my (hopefully opened very soon) blogshop, was really pleased with it, started sewing on the embellishments and noticed that the fabric on the reverse had been sewn on the wrong way round!!!
Like so!! Spot the (not so) deliberate mistake!!!
Then I decided to make some fabric covered hangers...sounds simple? Thats what I thought....I googled and there are very few tutorials and I couldn't find one that would make the hangers look how I wanted them to..with lots of gathers and with the fabric tight to the padding...
So this is my effort....
Can't see on the pic but I needed to shape the corners that was an oversight on my part!! But it doesn't look how I wanted it to :(
I will be keeping it and using it (it'll look great with a cardy on covering it up lol!!) because the flipping handstitching took ages!!
On top of this I had the dreaded 'Flu' symptoms all week...I wasn't 'ill' merely unwell!! I went into the pharmacy on Friday for anti sickness drugs and he took a step back and told me I had SF symptoms!! Well thankfully it hasn't come to much - I feel well again today!! But a week of feeling sick, well took me back to pregnancy - and not in a good way!!
It wasn't all bad....
On Thursday I recieved some samples of CK fabric - without 'sample' stamped all over them so that brought a smile to my face. I smiled all the time I was on the phone placing an order with Cath!! (free p&p with the code that came with the samples!!)
I will be making my friend one of these bags for her birthday next week, so this fabric has come to live with me

and these 2 tshirts for C...they were in the sale....I won't pay £15 for a tshirt for me let alone for a 4 year old lol!! He'll be banned from staining foods so that they keep nice for his younger brother too - I love recycling!!

Is it inappropriate to put a 4year old in a bib???

He likes Stanley best - I prefer the planes!! And a little bird told me (well Mary Poppins!!) that Cath had brought out a new crush mug rude not to buy one when Cath has designed it just for me haha!! And lovely husband is often heard moaning about the amount of girly mugs we have - so I ordered it for him ;)!!
Some crafting went right by the weekend...and a parcel is currently in the care of Royal Mail on the way to a special swap partner :)
And these worked too.....well so far they have worked.....I am looking forward to embellishing my interpretation of a dream catcher :)

The week ended with a trip to see my old friend Harry.

Now, forget the JK bashing that inevitably takes place when a film comes out, I fail to see how anyone can dispute that the Harry Potter films are good family films. I am a harry fan, books have been read within 2 days of release, over analyse the plot etc etc!! But even my lovely husband who has never read the books enjoys and looks forward to the release of the films. The film is a 12a and I strongly recommend for the sanity of the other viewers you don't take a child under 9 or 10. We had to endure a running commentary from the dad behind us explaining things to his 6ish year old that snow? is that his old house? are they really flying? (on a broomstick aaggh!!)

Also go with an open mind..its a film...for older children....... man walking out behind us at the end..

" what a load of rubbish" - sat thru 3 hours though didn't you???

"missed out loads" - well yes the book took longer than 3 hours to read didn't it???

" nothing like the book" - well actually having read the book yes it was - but movies are seldom identical to the book!!!

plum!!! I don't go to the cinema very often - I am not a tolerant cinema goer!!

That was that week - this one is new...and we have no school (whoop!!) for 6 lovely lazy weeks :)

And today was sunny enough to wear my new (thrifted) skirt - its billabong, still had tags on and i think its my new favourite - £2 well spent!!!

Excuse the messy - part re-vamped crafty drawers behind me!!


Mary Poppins said...

I think your makes look lovely, well done and the hanger looks fine, very sweet. Good girl, the mug looks perfect. I hope you leave it there all the time too nice to go in a pongy cupboard, not that yours are pongy, oh you know what I meaan :)


MelMel said...

Hello....glad your mug came...Christine does get stuff in early!
I looked today and saw thay were on the website...:>))

You have made some lovely things, the hanger looks fab!

Mary Poppins said...

Any good for you


Mary Poppins said...

Any good for you


Mary Poppins said...

Links aren't working, is a coat hanger link I use Mmmmmm


Shabby Chick said...


I've never dared try a covered hanger but for a first try it looks pretty good :)

Sometimes crafty things do just go wrong, when I made a replacement saddle for my daughters' rocking horse last night I sewed the ribbon on the wrong way so had to unpick and redo (didn't put that on my post lol).

Well done you getting unstamped samples! Love the t-shirts.

Mel xxx

bekimarie said...

How on earth do you find time?
I struggle to do everything with just 2 kiddies (3 if you count Rich).
Love the t-shirts and that mug, I really really need that mug lol!
Beki xxx

LittleGem said...

Loadsa questions indeed! Hmm I am not sure when I find out, I would guess the end of the month when she does a stock check!? Too scared to go in! Dont wanna hassle her! hehe! Am in the process of making a 2nd batch but to approach a different shop - 6 down loads more to go!!

Ok now onto your post! I wouldnt have been able to tell the fabric was on the wrong way, but what a bummer! As for the hanger, I think the problem is the type of hanger you've used, and possibly where you've stitched along, if you want I'll send you some pics in a PM to show you how I do mine? Lemme know! Tis very easy ;) xx

Kirsty said...

I think your sewing is fab - don't be so down on yourself! :) I'm sure I wouldn't have even noticed the mistake in the cushion anyway!! Love the fabric btw ;o)

And really like the fabric coat hanger too, I want to try some crochet ones :O)

Lovely CK bits, I agree with the aeroplane top being nicest. Shame my son is just growing out of the age range there, not that I'd probably spend that much on a t-shirt for him that he'd wreck!!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are feeling better and that from now you go from strength to strength.

I too have had weird "not quite right" symptoms and am now feeling I can think straight!

Keep up the good work.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh i nearly bought that mug the other day and resisted now ive seen it on your blog and think i may "need" it LOL
your makes look fab to me i just wish i had time to get the sewing machine out but the time sucking children being on holiday isnt going to let me do anything any time soon!
cant wait for your shop to be open :-)
Lesley x

jo said...

How did you manage to do all of that even though you felt ill?
Glad your feeling better now.

jo xx

Devon Dumpling said...

It sounds like you have had a busy week! I am pleased to hear that you are feeling better and that it wasn't Swine Flu.
My friend took her little boy to the doctor's because she thought he had tonsilitus (which he did) but the doctor said to her that if she had phoned NHS direct, they would have said that he had Swine Flu based on his symtoms!
It sounds like a lot of people are being misdiagnosed and are said to have Swine Flu as a precaution rather than them defintely having it but it always makes me worry that people are not being checked out properly for other illnesses and therefore not getting the right medication for what they do have; scary times! x