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Friday, 9 October 2009

cupcakes from beki

I was recently lucky enough to win Beki's cupcake giveaway and on Thursday I got a fab parcel of cupcake lovelies :)
Opening favourite flavour yankee candle - vanilla cupccake, some pretty cloths - anything to make the housework less painful!!), lovely cupcake cases, pink silicone ones and fabulous dinosaur ones (never seen any like this before, the boys love them xxx)lovely hummingbird bakery card - they have a recipe on the back - very lovely....
Cupcake socks

Cupcake mug and coaster (the coaster is next to my bed now)

cupcake tea towel (another for the too precious to use pile lol)
Scary sweets for my boys (Beki was very firm about these not being for me!!) I haven't let them eat the chocs yet as how cute are those skellies?!?!!

Thank You so much Beki, for a fabulous generous giveaway. I love it xxxx


MelMel said...


Lovely swap parecl!
Cute socks!xx

Blossom said...

Wow what a great parcel! I especially love the dinosaur cases!! :)

Florence and Mary said...

Aren't giveaways fantastic

Victoria x

VintageVicki said...

What a lovely swap :)

BTW you were right it was Brewsters in SW - love that shop.

maypole said...

How gorgeous are they??????

bekimarie said...

What lovely gifts you have there ;)'hehe'!
So glad you likey, enjoy what's left of the weekend.
Beki xxx said...

Lovely goodies there! suzie. xxx

LissyLou said...

what great goodies! loving the socks - so sute! xx

Mary Poppins said...

What a gorgeous swap, well done Beki and lucky you Missey :)

Thank you for the lovely long hair comment, I think I shall keep it long for a little while. I love R's curls I think I paid to have curles like that years ago ;) And at least the DH can't moan as he has long hair too, all be it in a Hugh Grant ish sexy ish type of way ;)