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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Ours was spent here

The weather was cold but dry, the park didn't disappoint , especially not these two....
Its getting near the end of the season so was quiet enough that they could go in the soft play without getting leapt on and quiet enough to let the baby out of his pushchair to enjoy the freedom (aka wear himself out so he hopefully slept in the hotel room that night....worked too well as he was asleep during our second tour of the road safari!!!)

We stayed in a faultless Premier Inn in Milton Keynes...we usually use this chain as we know that we will be getting a comfy, well equipped room thats not so posh that we have to worry about kids crushing bread sticks on the had a lovely restaurant attached which served up the biggest kids meals I have ever seen!!
Thanks to the world of online deals we got the room at half price too, and we also have Mr Tesco to thank for paying for our safari park tickets and a lovely meal on Saturday in Bella Italia (if you still use your vouchers in the shop go here and see what you can treat yourself with, sorry if thats teaching my grandmother to suck eggs!!!)
So that meant a few extra pennies for a bit of retail therapy here....
(even this was an enjoyable experience, we went on Friday night, the boys were very well behaved, the good people of MK had decided to stay at home and not invade Ikea meaning we got round quickly...also we didn't actually need anything so no bickering about drawer sizes etc!!)
I strongly deny that our holidays are organised around Ikea stores ;)
I was very excited that the Christmas department was open, as I have mentioned once or twice, we live on the edge of the earth with no Ikea for miles around...and I mean miles, and last years Ikea Christmas pilgrimage was cancelled due to the worst case of mastitis ever thanks to a feeding babies dirty scratchy fingers!!! (I could post you a pic - yep thats how sad I really am - lovely husband had to get his camera out to record it - but I won't its gross!!). So I now have some lovely red and white scandanavian style fave..which I can't show you as lovely husband packed them in the loft as soon as we got home on Sunday!!
So I will dig them out to photograph another day.
Our weekend ended with a visit to some friends who have recently moved to MK and a stress free journey home...very stress free for me as I was sewing not driving!!
Just what we needed. I think it was so stress free because we just took the small boys. Although I can do the maths, our 4 boys are actually 2 and 2!!! The big boys have such different needs and wants than the tots and family outings get fraught. Its the first time we have taken a trip with just half the children, but after our French holiday, though lovely, we realised it is too much to expect teens and tots to want to do the same thing. And it causes hissy fits - including mine - when you try and please everyone!! The big boys get lots of age appropriate trips with their dad so I have no reason to feel any guilt, but us mothers are programmed to feel guilty from conception!!
Ok back to the sewing...I have 3 swaps on the go aswell as the gifts and decorations I want to make so I better get moving!!!


Devon Dumpling said...

Thanks for the lovely comment! I am glad that you liked Mk as it is a super place with lots to see and do! We went to Ikea there a few weeks back and I have to say that I was very tempted by their decs but I managed to restrain myself - just! x

VintageVicki said...

Agree with the Premier Inn bit - taking our 2 to Cambridge in 1/2 term. However I might be tempted to try MK sometime - forgot they have an Ikea now.

Think those that don't live in the back of beyond like us don't realise what planning it takes to get o/h's to agree to an Ikea day!!

dottydaisies said...

hmm i too have signed up for 3 swaps is that over ambitious ????

bekimarie said...

That place look lovely hun and I love that piccie of the boys.
You're so lucky to be able to drag hubby to Ikea. Rich won't go full stop, no discussion, he'll do practically anything for me, except take me there :(.
I'm off to buy some satsumas so'they's nice and mouldy by Christmas mwhahaha ;)
Beki xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Sounds like you had a good trip all round. Premier Inn's are great aren't they, friends and I choose to stay in them a lot as they're perfect for a no frills bed for the night.

I need to get myself up to IKEA, I love their Christmas ranges, I've brought my wrapping paper from there the past couple of years.

Victoria xx

charl said...

the decs in ikea are just gorgeous arnt they..we've just got back from there now.. i was nudging hubby to look at them who didnt look at all bothered!!!

charl said...

oh and your boys look like they had a fab time!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Dolly D! Glad you had such a great

Thecraftytrundler said...

Glad you had a great weekend around the MK area!! I'm lucky, as Dave lives about 20mins from Ikea. Will have to go again, I wonder if we'll find time this weekend, hmmmmm??
You wern't too far from Bicester Village & CK too. If you ever visit again........!!!
Have a lovely weekend : )

Sharon xx said...

glad you enjoyed your weekend1 I would like to go to ikea some time! suzie. xxx

Rachel said...

Sounds like you had a fab weekend. I've almost finished your swap items! Think I might have underestimated just how far 2 FQ's will stretch, I've still got some fabric left!!
R x