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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

how long will it last

Fabric cupboard finally far I have taken a piece out and put it back lovely!! When I was sorting and folding and stacking onto the floor it looked like I had tons but now its been put away it doesn't look so bad :D
Had a rearrange of the shelves fabric on the top...definately need more ;)
I started my christmas crafting, I made a stocking..the shape was great but the opening at the top wasn't wide enough to get pressies in and annoyed me that it was a have cut out another pattern for one with a wider top!!
Also I can't remember how I found this fab tutorial..., I posted it over at SCC a while ago but have only just got round to making. Owl garland.
I tried it out a couple of weeks ago with a wool fabric as stated in the tutorial..I think it was my skill rather than the pattern but it looked terrible!! So I have made some today but with quilting weight fabrics...This one I interfaced as the fabric was thin but it was a problem turning. They are time consuming but fun to make. Next time I will maybe just cut once by ironing on the bondaweb to a piece of fabric rather than individual owl bellies.The green owls are not interfaced, when I string them I'll see if the interfacing was necessary. Bit late now mind, but I could spray some startch on..maybe?? please excuse crappy photographs - by the time I took them there was no light at all
The letters are stamped with normal paper ink on unbleached cotton...means I won't be able to wash them - which is a shame as I always wash my Christmas decs lol!!!
They will be finished at the weekend, need to embroider the beaks on and sew buttons for eyes, trouble is I need to buy some small buttons, I don't have enough that are small and matching. I tried beads but they didn't look right..
I could do with some more christmas fabric...and some more ideas for (easy) decorations!!! But at least I made a start.
My post today means I need to put my thinking cap on, I received a package from Rachel for the paper bag how she has decorated the paper bag, and love the fabrics she has chosen to send to me...

Its quite scary knowing its not your fabric to mess up!!

Rachel has taken a far better pic here and also of the fabric I sent.

No idea what to make as yet but its definately easy on the eye whilst I think!!!


bekimarie said...

You're right, you do need more Christmas fabric 'hehe'. However you have far too much other fabric and I think I may have to pop round and borrow some :).
Love the owls, clever you!
Beki xxx

Mary Poppins said...

Your shelves are looking scrummyliciously fine Madame :) Beautiful, very jellious ;) Thank you too norty lady for a wonderful little parcel with yummy delights in it. I am yet to realise it is for me, think it may have been meant for someone else, Ohooo was it meant for me. Well if it was thank you very much, I love it :)

I too have had my paper bag swap parcel, I know what you mean about cutting into someone else's fabric eeeek ;)



Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo yes, anything time consuming, I either keep for myself or keep for myself ;) Two of the pretty cushions that were meant for the shop didn't quite make it there. If I was quicker I wouldn't mind so much but I really only get to do a little here a little there and feels like one little heart takes forever lol, you may be able to relate ;)

Yes, please don't let time consuming pretties go for pewnnies


And thanks for the lovely parcel :)


MelMel said...

Hi dolly...lovely organised shelves...they look so pretty laid out like that!

I'm hoping to get something that I can make over for my fabric, its all in a pretty floral holdall at present....xxxx

Serenata said...

They are looking good. Your fabric is lovely, how much easier it must be to have it on shelving rather than stashed in a suitcase under a sewing table!

Florence and Mary said...

Now doesn't your fabric stash looks perfect.... does it upset you I want to dive in and rummage through it all?!

Victoria xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ooo yummy fabric stash :-)
how scary making with someone elses fabric but you will make a fantastic job of it I know :-)
lesley x

Sarah said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh!!! Really can I have a fancy cloth if it fits? How very kind of you. Everyone is so kind around here in blogland, it's just amazing and such a fabulous place to be. Well I need a piece to be 75cm, x 135cm which gives me a bit to wrap under the table as well. Oh I hope it fits, I'm so excited now! said...

I love your fabric stash! The bag is decorated so nicely, aren't those little birds so cute! Suzie. xxx

VintageVicki said...


I can give you address for the pink shop of loveliness - email me via the link on my profile page :)

Heart in the country said...

HI Claire

Please check out my blog, you've been partnered with Pat at The Sewing Room


clare's craftroom said...

Your fabric stash is looking so good ,I love your owls .

Anonymous said...

How organised you are! Just popping by, in a busy week, to say hello....

dottydaisies said...

your about me blurb sounds like a woman after my own heart - i too struggle to prioritise housework whern there is so much crafty playing to do !!!

The sewing room said...

Hi Clair thought l would stop by and say hello we have been partnered for the xmas swap l think maybe because we both have,nt made cards before should be interesting,l am realy looking forward to it. My e-mail address is if you need it have a good week hugs Pat

Anonymous said...

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I hope you all don’t mind this deluge of unsolicited contact but I have an idea in mind that I’d really like all of your opinions on, and participation in, if possible!

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