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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Red Colour Swap

Lorraine at the Balancing Kiwi went back to her NZ roots whilst the colour swap took place..and as she really wanted to play, we agreed a later finish date and her and I did a little extra swap.

Yesterday I got a lovely box of goodies from Lorraine, all my chosen colour Red themed....
She has made me a massive and gorgeous tote bag..perfect for the beach, and a tea cup candle which I have already had to wrestle my mum for!!! The candle came with a covered box of matches, which didn't get photographed as I put them out of little fingers reach and forgot to put in the pic!!)
She has also made me an owl, a heart, a hanging bird, a pin cushion , a needle case, a brooch and a fab scented pot rest your teapot or pan on the wheat filled smelly pad and it releases lovely aroma (that was in case you are as uninformed as I was - I had never seen one before!!!)
I also opened a fold up shopper for my handbag, which is in a personalised tells me that Claire is self assured and family laughed. A lot!!!
Also a great Keep Calm and Carry On book.

(you should be able to click to enlarge)
I really thought the box was bottomless - the goodies kept coming, Lorraine thank you so much, I love everything you chose for me xxxxxxxx
I have already lost the owl to the little boys (I wish you could hear R say owllllllllll and see him actually, its hilarious, the big boys have him on repeat saying it!!)
I have been offered a table at a craft fair, thankfully its for Patch not me, so I don't have to get sewing, however I do have to measure cut and fold a lot of ribbon!!
I'll be back soon, with more craft fair news and also a link to a great little sewing project that has been brought to my attention. xx


Anonymous said...

OOhhh how lovely - what a great choice of goodies.

Mmm, just now I was reading in a gardening magazine about RED Kiwis ... spooky or what?

Serenata said...

Glad you liked them Claire. I thought the book would come in handy with your new business venture! ;-)

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

What a lovely swap partner! glad you have some beautiful surprises, must have made your day after all the hard work putting in for Patch to sit down and have something pretty to open.

Floss said...

Fantastic! I have a blue bag made by Lorraine, and then a matching owl that she sent me from the same fabric. My owl is called Wallace - does his brother/sister at your house have a name yet?

Kelly said...

Wow gorgeous presents!!!
Love the teacup candle!

sharie said...

Gorgeous Pressies!!!

The English Writer said...

What a fantastic package. I love the Tote, the fabric looks gorgeous, and the tea cup candle, I've seen similar ones in the Emma Bridgewater brochure. Enjoy xx