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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

CraftTea Creations

Attention all you East Anglian Bloggers!!
My very good friend Rachel has been a plotting and a planning these past few weeks and CrafTea Creations is born...
Stitch and Bitch comes to Beccles (ish)!
Have a look at her very colourful webpage...found here and if you can make it...please come..Rach makes exceedingly good cake...
I will be will be one morning a month where I definately stitch!
Patch is eating into my crafty time in a big way!!


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Oh I wish I lived closer.
Have a lovely time.
Luv Sophie xxx

Jackie said...

Although I am a Suffolk gal, Beccles is a little too far for me. Wish I could be there - am sure it will be fun. Missing the yummy cakes already! x

Linda said...

Sounds fun and very close to me!! Will speak to a couple of friends and see if possible to do. Linda x

Isobel said...

If only I lived closer!!
Have a fantastic time!

A Country Girl said...

Sounds fun - wish I could go but I work in the mornings :(
Bit far for Vicki to bike so i guess she won't make it either!

Vintage Vixen said...

Have a fab time!
Thanks for leaving a kind comment, much appreciated.