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Monday, 19 May 2008

hello x

I'm still playing around so may take me a while to get into swing of things.
I plan to blog about my 2 fave things - my home and breastfeeding, however you'll probably get long rambles about the other triviality that is my life!!

Monday seems a good day to start - the weekend is over and I am fresh and raring to get going on my half finished projects and ideas.

We spent an hour or 3 out in our garden yesterday - its a work in progress like everything else around here!! Planted some pots and made a trellis to eventually disguise my wheelie bins. I bought a plant trough in a charity shop last wk - for £1 -

its had a couple of coats of antique grey paint and is now patiently waiting for the plants to grow in it.

I never get true thrifting bargains - most, well all, of the charity shops in my town are overpriced and full of tat, and the big car boot is full of traders and people coming back week after week selling the same stuff! So I had almost given up looking - but i went into a smaller non - big name charity shop, and got lucky - so I know where I will be going in future!

Many thanks to the girls over on the shabby chic forum who helped me with my pictures - much appreciated x

Be back soon :)


Elaine said...

I love the plant stand, well done

Love and blessings

thriftymrs said...

Great work, it looks really good.

sharie said...

A great bargain! Way to go(! )on the make over too.
Will add you to my blog list as soon as I et round to listing everyone off the forum.

Trish said...

looks fab hun, love the name of your blog too xxx

angel said...

Fantaz blog, You have done well, being a first time blogger myself, I can understand the amount of work involved.[No dont laugh]

Your blog is very proffesional. (unlike mine)which is thrown together after a few G&Ts

I shall be looking in on a regular basis [for hints and tip's].
God Bless
angel. mwah.

Anonymous said...

That looks gorgeous! Amazing what a coat of paint can do. Keep up the good work!