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Sunday, 25 May 2008

rain stops play

I had all good intentions of getting up and going to the crap big car boot today-I figure if I don't go, I can't whinge I never get a bargain - did the getting up but it was lobbing down so had to stay home. I filled the freezer with pureed fruit and veg for the baby instead! Thrillsville!
Rain stopped all play today so we pottered - listened to the 'I'm bored' moaning from eldest boys - and I collected the chairs from the lovely Julia from Freecycle.

Look at my chairs! Well chair - but you get the idea!! (sorry for pants pic - I was in a hurry!!)
I love them - they need a good scrub but eventually these will be round my table along with some other mismatched chairs.

OH made me put them in the loft until I get round to them - I seriously need to stop collecting new projects til i have completed some outstanding ones!!

So that was my day...that and packing for trip north to mothers for half term. Hoping to do some bargain shopping while I am there (without children with any luck). May not post this week, so I'll leave you with a pic of my 25p each pillowcases I got last weekend - now washed and pressed so ready to be used. TTFN x


Lace Threads said...

Those chairs will look good once they are out. I think I'm just the same - I have to stop bringing stuff in till I've dealt with the stuff I have.
Caroline x

Lea said...

Love the chair!! But stop collecting too many projects lol!!

Btw, saw on your profile that you like The Smiths!! I love them too!!

Lea xx

angel said...

I am sure I left a post on here already, where did it go to!!!!

I love the Chair cant wait till its done, so stop reading and get on with it. lol.