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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

This week I am mostly reading.......

My 3 year old has taken a shine to this book, our copy is well loved, having been read by my eldest two boys too. Now don't get me wrong, its an excellent book with beautiful illustrations, great for interaction etc......but do I need to read it 3 times each bedtime???!

We went our own bear hunt today - down the cycle track, under the old railway bridges (caves!) - we had a great time. Must have entertained fellow walkers though, because I am almost word perfect!!! Simple activity = very happy tot and a mummy who felt slightly less slummy!!!

Today is booby group day - that is baby cafe, my local breastfeeding support group. I'm a peer supporter at my local group - I trained about 2years ago - and I love it. Breastfeeding is such an emotional experience, not always positive in the early days, and these groups are ideal for all mums to get great advice and support. Even if you don't need help, they are great places to make friends and chat with like minded people.

I'm extremely opinionated about breastfeeding but I'll let you settle in before I get on my soapbox!!!


Country Bliss said...

It is a great book I've worked with children for 20 years as well as having 4 girls of my own(all breastfed)and they all adored The Bear Hunt! I used to use it in music lessons too which was very noisy but fun.

claire said...

It is great isn't it...and impossible to read without actions and sing song!!
Thanks for reading my blog - I'm going to hop over to yours for a look now x

Raspberry Grace said...

I never breastfed, for various reasons, and it's something I DEEPLY regret (so much so that it's almost like an ache sometimes), so thank you for all your work to help and inspire others, you are doing a fine thing!

God bless,

Rasp xx

Curlew Country said...

Hello Calire
Thanks for popping by my blog to say hello.
Thanks for posting about this smashing book. We were read it as children and I'm sure my two would love it. Must hunt it out at the librayr.
Lovely to come across antoer bfeeder! I fed both of mine until they were 13mths and can't imagine having done anything else really. I meant to get involved with the bfeeding group and counselling but had to come back to work, then we moved. Bit of a shame because it's a very hard but rewarding experience and it would be good to help others. Good for you!

Curlew Country said...

Oops, sorry, dreadful typing! I meant to say - Hello Claire - there, better now!
Stephx (please excuse the other typos too! In a rush before a meeting)

claire said...

Thank you everyone for taking time to read and comment, this is new to me and .... ooh! I'm having a moment of giddyness that people have actually read my blog!!
((hugs)) raspberry x I felt the same way after stopping feeding my 1st son after a few weeks - hence my dedication/obsession now x
Steph - The book should come with a will be randomly quoting it within a week :)