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Friday, 23 May 2008


I've been tagged by sharie at view to the hill and raspberry grace - so here goes:

1 What were you doing 10 years ago:

I was 25 and had a just 3 year old and a 6month baby - fast forward 10years and I have a 3yr old and an almost 6month baby again!! :) Who says life never moves forward!!

2. 5 things on my to do list today

Paint shelf unit, corner cupboard, stool or sideboard, well at least start the sanding (I have so many things I want to do but not enough hours!)

Pick up 2 wicker dining chairs from a lovely lady I've met before on freecycle. (OH not aware of this yet sshh!!)

Pack to go up to my parents for half term.

Wash the case of minging stuff eldest has brought back from school holiday.

Have a think about what I will make for a crafty swap over on the shabby chic forum - strawberries and cream theme - i know what I'd like to make but my swap partner would probably think one of the boys had done it!!!

3,Snacks I enjoy

Ooh cruel! I am on a diet! So at the minute its fat free yoghurt and bananas!! But...chocolate - any variety, crisps - walkers preferably marmite but any really, cake (oh man I love de cake!!), biscuits especially shortbread - -can you see whyI need to diet!!!

4. Things I would do if I were a millionaire

Private education for my 10yr old - there is no provision for clever but different in state schools - he is at a good school and is still being let down by the system.

Buy a rambling old farmhouse with a walled kitchen garden and have chickens!

Share some!

Start up a bead and button business! I like frivolous prettiness!

Boob uplift (feeding 4 babies has taken its toll!) ;) and tummy tuck (ditto!) - I'm very shallow, sorry!!

5. Places I have lived

My dad was in the RAF so lived Lincolnshire, Bucks, Leicestershire before moving to South Yorkshire at 10, then Middlesex, Norfolk and now Suffolk!

Now I have to tag others so

poohs abode
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Rules are - answer the 5 questions, then tag others.
All this blogland stuff is new to me - but have learnt tagging is a shameless tout to get folk back to your blog...very clever!!! Now I better go and get some ideas to make this blog interesting - my life is not renowned for excitement!!
Night all :) x


Raspberry Grace said...

Hi Claire :)

Thanks for answering, and your lovely comment on mine :)

We are sisters in Laura Ashley!!

I know exactly what you mean about the schools.. no there's not much grace about for those who don't fit the mould, it's a very sad situation, and not much help and encouragment for the parents struggling with these issues, so I do hope that you get some, having been there myself.

I think you are such a lovely mum, your love for your little ones just shines out in all that you write.. makes it a pleasure to read!

God bless, Rasp xx

claire said...

Ah thank you :)
You made me cry!
I'm a bit of a shouty mum - but I do my best!

angel said...

Lovely Blog Honey and I agree with Rasp, You Love them Kiddles to pieces and you [like Rasp] are a beautiful Mummy. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

donna said...

thanks for tagging me,i'm finally going to get round to replying- right now before i get distracted again