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Thursday, 8 January 2009


Been doing the post Christmas tidy up and washing catch up.....went food shopping for the first time since before Christmas...and this.....
(Also my Country Living came today too, which is back on track imo.)
We went up north for New Year (I'm not a New Year fan but we had a good time and I stayed awake and everything lol!!), that little lot was waiting on the table for me when I got home.

My mother in law (who had put our bins out etc) must think I am super extravagent, squandering away her sons hard earned on frivolous magazines lol!!

But you shouldn't judge a book (or mag) by its cover....

Now I shall justify my current magazine glut...none of them have cost me real cash...(Country Living I subscribedto through Tesco clubcard deals) I have taken out a 3 month trial (which I will cancel)- most found through MSE - a couple of them I will keep on (like CHI for example), but the others are ok but I'm not right bothered!! English Home is delicious eye candy but a bit rich for my tastes lol!!

I fell lucky in that I took out the offer in October/November so I got more Christmas editions than I would have otherwise paid real money for! I now have a good afternoons chopping and pasting my bestest pics into scrap books ahead of me.

I've not had a problem when cancelling, but you do have to remember when the offer ends so you can act accordingly in order that you don't pay full whack, but it was worth it for the luxury (to me) of having 6 mags on my doorstep each month!!

So thats Claires Thrifty Tip for January lol!! I'm trying to have a no spend month - so if you see me near anything non wedding related, shout!!!


LittleGem said...

That is a great tip Claire! My tip is reading the magazines for free in Borders! Although you cant cut out the pretty pictures for scrap books which I do like doing! Must get to Borders X Gem

Anonymous said...

Ooooh does that mean my Country Living is about to be popped through the letterbox?

Like Little Gem, I take out the picures!


angel said...

What do mother out laws know anyway? mine thinks me having a bath in HOT water is wasting her precious sons money!! lol, we call her the Oldietrout..... not really but i wish we did. :-)

I'm glad you had a good New year.
Now i will need all your Wedding tips.........

I knick the pic's outta the Hossie mags...... lol, well i did it once and never will again.... i promise. *blush*

Great post once again. Love and hugs honey. X x X x X x X x X x X

second wind said...

Great idea! I do the free trials for mags too and look through them loads of times! How do kitchen scales fit into wedding plans lol?xx

Debbie said...

Great idea! Off to find the thread again on mse! :D