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Monday, 5 January 2009

Christmas Catch Up

Its all over.
My big tree is down (done last night before mr dollop returned to work so he could play with his new electric saw!!) and it has made me feel very empty and sad!! I was very pleased with my tree this year, it served us very well for lots of cosy evenings sat watching tv and chatting and drinking and eating - which is a whole new blog post - 9lb and me having to get in my wedding dress in just over 8 weeks time - anyhoo I digress...Christmas!!
We have had the best Christmas ever, presents aside (of which there were many!), it has been fantastic having my husband to be at home with us and not having anything to do!! He gets very little time off and what is is used for our annual holiday and the odd long weekend, or decorating!! So we have enjoyed just being at home and, well just being!!
Christmas Day started at 6am...this was our eldest aged 13 1/2....he woke the others up! Downstairs we went to see if he'd been...he had and had eaten his mince pie and drank his cup of tea (3yr old insisted FC would want a cup of tea!)
The boys were all thrilled with their presents - mucho excitement - and we had a harmonious morning while they investigated new gadgets, played with and shared (yes shared!!) all their new things.
We enjoyed warm croissants (a dollop family tradition) for breakfast, then I started to get lunch ready for us plus my parents in law. Usually mum is down for Christmas Day but she was spending it this year with my brother and new baby, so I actually had to cook dinner, not pretend to while mum did it all :)
It went smoothly...and the only thing I forgot were the bacon and sausage rolls which I found in the fridge on Boxing Day....and they weren't missed!!
After lunch was spent chatting and watching rubbish tv, and eating chocolate.
The boys all went to bed very happy little men. To begin again on Boxing Day for Christmas Part 2 when Grandma arrived!!

She arrived early, about 9 am - we were in bed, such good hosts lol!! Presents galore for boys and us again, followed by a huge fried (and grilled and poached!!) breakfast, then games and cards when my in laws came round for Boxing Day tea.

I was treated very well this Christmas, the other half excelled himself with his choice of gifts, my mum (who always does me a stocking of goodies) proved yet again how well she knows me -
The CL sewing basket, and the overnight bag (not a Christmas present per se...mum treated me on the 27th when we walked into town for the sales!!), lovely willow tree memory box...
Lovely CK goodness!! The pin tin and cushion were from my friend, who also wins the prize for best wrapped gift!!!
It took me a long time to open let me tell you!! crafty stuff - felt and scissors in the beautiful package and pretty pink and spotty felt from mum.I was very spoilt this year - I also got DVD's, socks, electric toothbrush, even more smellies, a cute egg safe filled with egg cosies and jam and a lovely framed picture of me and the other half from my brother and sister in law that they took when we were in Padstow in the summer...and we both look almost normal on it lol!!

this pretty cushion - from mum - she got it in Ireland at a craft fair, perfect for my yet to be decorated bedroom!! And cute little bird tree decoration, that mum got in France at the Christmas markets, she goes every year (not always France) and I'm yet to make it with her...pregnancy, breastfeeding are just 2 of the excuses in the last 4 years lol!! But I always get a decoration for my tree or house...I wired this one up for my tree as I couldn't think what else to do with it...And finally, the end of Boxing Day...a bath with new bubbles and snuggled up in new jarmies (H&M and CK!!) Father Christmas couldn't resist the cowboy print with it being my favourite.....(I know, I know! I slagged off CK in the last post I'm such a hypocrite!!!)

I wanted the other 2 to have their pic taken in their jim jams but was met with much eye rolling and told to get a life!!

So there it is my pics of boys pressies...mine are far more interesting!!!


LittleGem said...

Lovely goodies Claire, and you got the same CK smellies tin as me! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas :) xx Gem

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

fabarooney goodies you lucky lady and I am so needing an excuse to parcel up something in a brown paper box with ribbon now !
Lesley x

MelMel said...

Hello...thank you for the super comment...XX

Wow you got some wonderful gifts, all brill!
You have ahd a lovely christmas.....I'm so pleased for you.... fab.....I'm sure you will find yourself back on track

bekimarie said...

I was looking on the CK website last night for the cowboy PJs for my little mans birthday next week and couldn't find them.
Did you get yours online or in store?
I was worried they'd discontinued them, but obviously not.
Take care
Beki xxx

Elaine said...

Lovely photo Claire, and love your goodies. I spotted the string tin, love it. I have a cream and brown one but love the colour of yours.

Love and blessings

thriftymrs said...

Happy new year.
You got some really lovely things.

fiftiesgirl said...

What lovely goodies! x Love the jim jams too.... gorgeous x x

MaryPoppins said...

Gorgeous goodies claire, lovely :)

Now looks like you have found out you were the winnerer, I was leaving a comment on angelpoops Blog and you had seconds before left one, Well done what a lovely scoop, now on the photograph it may look like there are two Cameos but really there is only one, angel told me honest, so when you do get one and wonder why there werent two you shall know why, something to do with the lens

Ohooo go on then I shall give you a fiver for one of them, I have fallen in love with another man named Cameo.

Hope you are alright not seen you for a while, I have been very gloomy though feeling much better now




MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo Clairey, my eyes lit up like a flashing beacon when I saw your comment on my blog,

Please dont feel like you have to send me one of the cameos from your winning loot, really tis alright I mean I have seen better ones, Mmmmm so if you want me to take one off your hands and you know spruce it up somewhat, you know maybe i could do that for you or something

could take ohooo dunno a few years maybe, takes months for one of those Cameo type duster sprucer upper thingies to get here from fdhjghjgjgh island, special material or something

What do you think Mmmmm

Glad you are ok, haven't seen you around and i want to :)


Please note Only joking regarding Cameo Joviality, yes i love it but
they are all yours and you deserve them X

Curlew Country said...

Oh what a wonderful Christmas you've had, full of happy boys and family fun! And such lovely gifts, your family must appreciate you very much. You deserve it.
Happy New Year to everyone.