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Friday, 30 January 2009


Now I know I said I was yacked off with Cath and her (non) sale products and the quality of some things I had bought, but...........
I received the new CK catalogue through the door today and I am back in lurve!!!
I love the fact that a lot of the pages are now 'set' ( like the LA catalogue)
I love some of her new ranges (they may not be new to everybody but as previously mentioned I live a gazillion miles away from a store...note to Cath...Norwich next please lol!!)
I particularly love that she has invented craft fabric just for us :) (cowboys mini print...I know!!!)
And I love this china...especially the butter dish *sigh* I really am back in love lol!!!
Off to see if CK does a wedding list service!!!
I also discovered this afternoon that you can pay at Laura Ashley online with paypal (I'm probably the last to know this!!) - huge result for me as my paypal money (from ebay sales of clothes and baby stuff) is my play money!!


Greedy Nan said...

Just because you don't agree with something it doesn't mean that you don't care.

Raspberry Grace said...

I can't wait to get my catalogue.. I went in yesterday and some of the new stuff really IS yummy :)

I agree with you about the sale/quality though, caution is needed me thinks.

BTW, guess what I bought yesterday?


Love, Rasp xx

MaryPoppins said...

It has come here too, though it is not out of its cellophane yet :)

I am waiting for some child free moments and shall indulge in peace :)


LittleGem said...

Not had mine yet, I think Cath hates me! Well the website does anyway! Some lovely things to drool over...sigh xx

MelMel said...

Mine has not come yet, tho have just been to my sister across the road and she has hers...huh!

Well there we were Adele, my sis and i all cooing over the new look book.....loving the hankies the trenchcoat....well all of it really...bliss!

Love the sis is emailing them tomorrow, we think they are V.Westwood....delightful!


Pixiedust said...

I had the ck spring catalogue through the door today too, there are some lovely things in there.

bekimarie said...

I didn't know you could pay LA through paypal, WOW thanks for letting us know.
I've not received my CK catalogue yet either, I can only hope it's on it's way.
Take care
Beki xxx

Curlew Country said...

Oh me too!! Back on form I think, less funky more floral. I have £50 worth of vouchers burning a hole in my purse. Oh my!!

Have a lovley weekend.

Thecraftytrundler said...

I haven't had the CK catalogue yet, hope it comes soon. Didn't know they were doing craft fabric too, now that is good!
I must admit that even without the catalogue, I have been tempted already. Come over to Clover Cottage, & you'll see what I've bought!!

Sharon xx

Raspberry Grace said...

*hugs Dolly*

I had some money that I made selling unwanted/unneeded stuff on Ebay, so I got the butter dish, some egg cups and a set of tins, all matching.

Love, Rasp xx

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo yes some scrummy little man things for us :)

I am loving the boat pjs and plane sweat top.

And for me has to be the Daisy dress and the trenchcoat

Some of their china is more affordable too isn't it

night night


LittleGem said...

Hiya Claire, I have tagged you xx

second wind said...

Do they get sent out alphabetically do you think? If soI'm near the end of the line... booo. Those craft fabrics are yummy looking and DD would love some of that china, not to mention the foral bag. Mmmmmmm. Oh, I didn't know about paypal and LA.x

Anonymous said...

Have sent you an award on my site. Hope I have done it right as I'm very new to all this award giving business

angel said...

Lovely jubbly, i dont have a CK near me, just shops that have a few bits in them.... i love the Fabric...... Drool....

Love and hugs HoneyMwah X x X x X x X x X x X