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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

SC do London - haberdashery!

Here's the first part of my shopping from the SC day trip!
I had no real shopping list. I had been saving up my pennies just to buy things I didn't need. My favourite type of purchase!!
Except these...
This was on the list - I needed oilcloth to cover the table I use in my workroom. And as I was in CK, it would have been rude not too!!
And the little boys need a blind in their room- so with a little help from my friends I chose this.....
and may I say how nice it was to shop with people who offer more than a 'buy it if you want it' or a 'yeah its alright'!!!
These are CK dusters which will be turned into a cushion at some point - not the most exciting purchase!Liberty was a real treat, I think it had been 15 years since my last visit. I managed to (finally) choose some prettiness....just a small amount of each....At the moment we are still at the stroking stage. Is it wrong to like fabric so much. I'm an amateur in the fabric stash stakes but I'm enjoying working towards professional status!! Just have to make the odd thing now and then so that the husband thinks it is all Really Useful and Essential!!

In Macculloch and Wallis I got some fab bias binding. And ricrac.
I've used the sexy red gingham binding today making this......And last but by no means least buttons -
cute transport ones....
fab London ones...
and cute gingham pastel coloured ones from Liberty.
Totally random unnecessary purchases - fab! There are more non-haberdasery pretties to come later!

Some of you have said how you can't read my posts when they show on your blog....could be my playing with the post dating thingy - its not working properly!!


bekimarie said...

Phew! What a wonderful haul of goodies. You certainly had a great day.
My Stepmum has suggested we have a girly shopping day in London on my birthday but that's not untill November. Boo hoo, so long to wait.
Beki xxx

Mandy said...

What wonderful things.....
Looks like you had a great day xx

Elaine said...

Oh no Gingham Buttons *smacks gob*
Love'em, just love'em.

Jammy person LOL, but at least my sage binding was cheaper, so I'm not jellious at all.................
well maybe a little bit ;)

Love and blessings

Marianne said...

What lovely finds. Love the CK oilcloth.

louise said...

Love it had a lovely day and lovely purchases.

charl said...

oooo i love it all !!!

what gorgeous buys and im loving the gingham to..
glad you had a good day...

mitmot said...

loving the bunting with the gingham bias. wish i had got some London buttons now!
it was a fab day and as you said it is such a treat to shop with people who do more than grunt and raise eyebrows!
i am off to do my long overdue post on play it forward now!
MM xx

Sarah said...

I cannot believe those beautiful cloths are meant to be used for gathering dust. Such a waste, thank goodness you agree!

Love you bindings so much, so very pretty and your bunting is just lovely. Well done on using some of your stash already.

You certainly had a fab time, you girls.

angel said...

Aw you lucky lucky fing you, so many lovelies, but i am not Jellyous, cos i love you and only want the bestest for you..... *mutter mutter* no i aint jellyous ....... *sob*...... WHY OH WHY......... did i go to Barcalona when i could have been shopping with yous lot..... *wail*

Great pix honey, keep em coming...*sob*... i want to feel worse than i already do....

I am happy for you really....:-)


angel said...

I cant get into your other blog!!!!!!! am i bannnnned!!! *WAIL*

angel said...

Phew, i thought we had a row or suffink and you was teasing me, but now i know the troof i am ok again.:-)

Love and hugs ickle one. Mwah X x X

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo what a lovely haul of goodies, I so wished I had put in the effort and come to see you all, I know I would have loved meeting you.

I adore the london buttons, the bias binding, the liberty fabric, the oilcloth, i love everything !

The bunting is looking especially brilliant :)


Elaine said...

Had to have another look, love the yummy fabrics too, off to Alkatrazz now *wink*

oooo is this what Angel is DISBAN
that's someone who's not banned isn't it???
Then again maybe it's a verb???

bex said...

ohhh,lovely purchases!! hope you enjoy using them!

Lace hearts said...

They all look so lovely laid out like that - I've only taken pics of around half of mine. I'll have to take pics of the rest! I love your bunting. And I'm so glad I got the buttons too. xxx