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Friday, 22 May 2009

SC do London - pretties!

Aswell as the fabric and haberdashery (I love that word!!), I managed to purchase a couple of other bits.
In a gorgeous (if not overwhelmingly pretty!) shop that Lacey introduced us to.
I found these hooks
A tin bird to hang up...somewhere!And, ever the romantic, I bought my new husband a little pressy ...Now who says romance is dead!! It was a very thoughtful present as he has been annoyed to death about the fact that, since decorating, we haven't managed to find a loo roll holder we like/agree on - so here we are! Posh flowery loo paper courtesy of Heather!!
In 'All the Fun of the Fair' I got these fab knitted biccies. They are sitting on my windowsill in this pretty pink bowl. Well they are supposed to.....the small boys love them and I find them in the playroom a lot :)
The window of that shop was fab. I can knit...but I'm not a knitter, I know practice makes perfect but with 4 boys time is limited and I sew every spare moment I get (of which there are few !) - maybe one day. And perhaps I will even get past making a chain with the crochet!!! Then I will go back and buy wool to knit instead of knitted stuff!!Emma Bridgewater was I love her designs but I really don't think I could ever justify paying her prices for a mug. But she has some gorgeous melamine items. Plates and Bowls in vivid colours, with matching beakers. And beakers with the same design as her china.

I got these for the boys. The men at work matches C's lunch box and money box - so he was happy! And the big boys share my union jack love so more happy customers! The baby couldn't give 3 hoots but he got one anyway!!
In Cath's place - I showed great restraint! Obviously I got the fabric (some of it essential) and I got a Stanley bag - I have the cowboy one of these and the baby takes it to the childminder. And a change is as good as a rest!!I had promised myself the thread tin to match the pin tin. I haven't use the thread yet so have no idea if its any good or if its as crap as the pins are (blunt)!!!And these boxes were on sale so I bought a few to keep sewing room stuff tidy.Thats it now for day out posting! Apart from the inspiration!! I really did have the most fantastic day, and can't wait for the next one :)


charl said...

oo you bouight some lovely things.. i love the knitted biccies they are great!!

loving the little bit of what i could see of your bathroom.. you got more pictures!!

Floss said...

Great stuff! I am desperately hoping that those union flag beakers are still on sale when I get to Edinburgh in mid June! Thanks for the shopping tour.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Lots of lovely things!

louise said...

AAHH!!! Lovely stuff, Im still loving looking at all the lovely London pictures and my Fabrics are still be stroked.

Sarah said...

Fab stuff! Where did you get the hooks and the bird from?, I rather taken with them!

Elaine said...

Is this the last installment?
If so that's really sad.
I've really enjoyed reading all the "SC does London" posts on all the blogs, and loved looking at all the photos even more! Thank you.

Love and blessings

Lace hearts said...

aww, it brings it all back - lovely pics, and you got some really good things. glad you're sorted with your toilet roll! xxx

angel said...

I love the word Hadtodashary too.
WOW.......... i am in awe of all you gotted..... WOW....... stunning dunny paper..... i bet the boys missed you, but they were glad to get their pressies.... :-)

Great post honey, thank you. Mwah X

Country Bliss said...

Oooh lovely stuff especially the Baboushka hook and the loo roll holder.
Yvonne x

bex said...

i love the little pink bird wire hook. there is a local shop which sells pretty big ones, i think they are a message board and then you peg things on to it

jo said...

Hi Claire thnaks for dropping me a note to let me know you were my swap partner. Been a little busy of late so haven't been blogging much. I have a few ideas for the swap but has yet thats all they are, ideas. You must be so organised having already made something. Will be in touch soon.
Jo xx

angel said...

Oi Dollop, will you send me your Addy, i lost it and need it.... [again].... urry up......... av you done it yet...... sheesh you is so slowwwwwwwwwwwww. :-)

Love and hugs honey. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X