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Monday, 11 May 2009

Vintage Quilt

I managed to get to the car boot yesterday - first one I've managed to go to this season. Its one of those mahoosive 1000 ish car type ones with traders..but about the only regular one locally so there are always different stalls of ordinary folk trying to offload their tat, quality items I mean :)
I took W yesterday who is actually good car booting company. Doesn't whinge or get embarrassed if I'm rummaging or bartering, and as long as he has his own kitty for purchases he's one happy 11 year old!
We got there late, about 11, so most of the good stuff had gone!! I also made the fateful car boot mistake of not buying something I was unsure of and its now haunting me lol. Vintage bias binding, 3 rolls of it. Never mind, its done now. It was a regular lady so you never know, I could get lucky and it still be there next time!
I got a few bits including some bedding and fabric for cushions (not photographed yet), but I was very pleased with this vintage eiderdown.Its so pretty but sadly showing its age in places, so last night in front of Lost, I patched it in one of the damaged places...I think it looks ok, but I have 2 other places that need patching, 1 about 6 inches by 2inches...
so should I patch in all the same fabric or different? I'm thinking if I go different I still need to stick to shades of yellow/green, but I'm unsure....
Saint Cath says in her In Print book that patching your eiderdown is ok..(I had to quote her last night when mr dollop commented on the fact I had bought something that needs repairing!) it must be true.
And it was 2 little english well worth a bit of patching!!

Its good to be back in the land of blog. I have got my doing/making mojo backand have a new little notebook to play on (but still faffing with getting pics on easily) so I have lots to show.


Mandy said...

Love the quilt and for only £2 bargain. x

bekimarie said...

What a bargain!
We don't have any local car boots so get so envious when I read about everybody's booty bargains!
Beki xxx

Floss said...

Goodie, photos! I think it's great to have a patched quilt - why not? In the past they were one of the most valuable fabric items anyone could own, and they would have been mended as necessary to keep them both functional and special, I should think. I agree it's good to stick to the colour scheme - either that and go WILDLY different to make a statement. You don't want to look as though you just didn't think about it!

LittleGem said...

Ooh tis lovely Claire :) very pretty and definatley worth £2, I think do the patches in the same fabric but thats just my opinion. Very neat patching by the way! XX

angel said...

About fluppin time you got posting again lady, Missed you. £2 squiddles!!!!!! BARGAIN ...WOW
I love the fact that littlie like going with you as long as he has his own stash.... Bless.

Love and hugs honey. MWAH XXXXXXXX

bex said...

what a great find!! well done, patches are ok!!