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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bucket Bag

Like Gem, (who has just got a 2:1 yay well done you!!!! x)I too had a bash at following a real life pattern (as opposed to winging it) and making a bag. Was quite easy and very enjoyable, I cut it out before bed on Thursday and sewed it up Friday morning.

I used a globaltex fabric and some printed cotton for the inside.
I will make the handles longer next time, and I won't do the trim in both fabrics I will do it the same on both sides. Also I think it would have been easier if my fabrics weren't different weights when fixing the trims and handles.
(This is my excuse for the quite hideous stitching in places!!!)

I haven't used it yet (the handles are a bit short!!!) but its hung at the bottom of the stairs, so I can admire it and big myself up every time I walk past!!
My very kind friend Viv has made 2 this week......looking good!


Bagladee said...

I think it looks great!! Love the fabrics you chose :) x

charl said...

well done love.. you clever thing you!
its lovely and i love the fabrics that you've used

Thecraftytrundler said...

Gorgeous!!! I love making bags, and think ours are lovely, and appeal to me much more than expensive designer bags!!
Went to Bicester Village today, saw that there's a Vivienne Westwood shop there.Her 'CHEAP 'bags were £250 upwards!!! Just as well I do prefer hand made!!
Went to CK too!! Now that was worth it!!!
Have a great week!

Sharon xx

Debbie said...

oh thats lovely!!

BlossomAndRoses said...

Hi Claire,

I love the bag, it's very pretty. By looking at your previous post I'd say you have developed a bunting fetish ;-)

I Just thought I'd let you know that I've finally updated my blog with your lovely swap gifts.

Natasha x

LittleGem said...

I think your stitching looks loads better than mine, I had to handstitch half of the inside binding and that wasnt fun at all! I havent used mine yet either - will admire it for a little while first before it gets grubby!! X

Country Bliss said...

Gorgeous bag, well done.
Yvonne x

gingerwine said...

That looks like a CK bag!!

Really like it, you could make lots of different ones!

Sam xx

Florence and Mary said...

Fantastic bag!

Victoria xxx

Mrs Crafty said...

I am loving that, it's tremendous.

Heart in the country said...

Your bag looks lovely - well done! I love colours you've chosen.

Homemakers Tales said...

I have an idea !! think about adding an extra handle shoulder length...many bags have both i recently bough one that had them and vintage bags most always had them for thought ? maybe Kieren x