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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Gift Bag Tutorial

Sorry for the's the bag tutorial......

First of all gather together all your gubbins - you'll need a box (cereal used here - but any box will do, i used a lightbulb box to make a weeny gift bag -just depends how big you want your bag), paper of choice (wallpaper, brown paper, good quality gift wrap), pencil, scissors and bone folder (if you don't have one its not vital just gives a crisper folded edge).
You'll also need some tape (I use the invisible type- though invisible is pushing it - its not quite as obvious as sellotape...but then I did buy it in poundland lol!!), a glue stick, hole punch, and ribbon of choice.
Next, open up the box flat (like so!!), and draw round the edges onto the paper.

Cut out the template


This bit is really self explanatory as you need to fold in the same places as the box was folded...basically the folds need to be where the notches are. Use the bone folder to crisp the folds as you go - To get the bag to 'sit' better and look more professional - when you have done all the folds, put an extra crease in the side panel (shown below) ASSEMBLY

Start with the side seam, run a glue stick along the edge shown below and attach as shown. I have had limited success with just the glue so I used invisible (ha!!) sticky tape on the inside.

Now you can close up your bag so your gifts don't plop out of the bottom.....:)

Fold in like the pic below

Above shows what your bottom should look like(leave it angel!!)...I used the invisible sticky tape to hold this at the bottom.If you are using it for something heavy - I would recommend covering a piece of cardboard with same paper to fit in the bottom of the bag for extra strength.

Fold over the top flaps and tape down.

Thats it basically done.

Use a hole punch to make holes for the ties. A single if you just want a tie.

A double if you want to make handles.

Easy and Peasy as my 3 year old would say lol!! I hope that was straightforward and useful. Phew!!Off to bed now - happy bag making. Xx


second wind said...

That's a very clear tutorial and I shall definitely be trying it and will let you know how I get on! Thank you so much for spending time doing it

donna said...

thanks for the tutorial will add it to my favourites, and hopefully try it out soon

Lace hearts said...

That's fab - I know how long these tutes take to do, and it looks really clear. I'm def going to have a go. Thank you! x

angel said...


Right, that was a brill tute, i have made 3 swans and a dodgy looking duck, lol.
This Origami is a game aint it .... lol.

Thank you soooo much Dollop your a star. Mwah Mwah Mwah X X X