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Thursday, 23 October 2008

preparation week1

For Christmas.

Its almost half term, the time when my festive planning begins with a vengeance!! The lists are being made - the carrier bags of bought already gifts are rescued from the back of the wardrobe, and even (don't all yell!!) starting to get wrapped up!!!

Last years preparations were hampered by my being heavily 'with child'...and being really quite poorly with it. So between hospital visits, bed resting and hospital admissions, I did a lot of my festive shopping on was great - a process I am repeating this year without the big belly as an excuse :)

The cake is made and wrapped in foil - waiting for its next 'feed' with alcohol :)

And how fabulous is my advent calendar I bought yesterday???(WHSmith)

Do you think I can persuade my boys that this is better than the tacky Bart Simpson chocolate affair they are sure to demand lol!!!


second wind said...

I can see you're going to make me feel very inadequate! Cake made, presents wrapped,advent calendar bought. Wow!!I have always stuck to my guns and NEVER bought a choc filled advent. I loathe them, and though my children ( all grown up now) used to sometimes moan they all admit that they prefer a "proper" one. I also like to have an advent candle which we burn while having our evening meal. Well done you!!xx

angel said...

Lol, You are joking please dont tell me you are THAT organised!
I may have to start looking for ideas now, oh the shame of it all ....... Norty Dollop making me feel guilty, tsk tsk, i'm not gunna sleep now, worriting. *smile*

claire said...

He He Angel :) I wrapped some more up tonight too!!! But I had no tags so they are wrapped and put in carrier bags!! I plan to make this space!!
Sleep Tight! Xx
SW - I like the sound of the advent candle at dinner time - thats another idea for my list :)

Trish said...

cor blimey woman, you're further on than me even!!!! I haven't started wrapping yet lol xxx