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Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I've been a bit more productive than of late over the past few days -

It was my friends (significant) birthday today - so she has this from Laura Ashley in a handmade bag. And I made her the peg doll fairy too. I was going to make her a cake - but decided she could have one for each of her years instead!!!
Another friend's daughter is 1 at the she has one of my obligatory pinnies!! I sewed this when I was tired so my machine control could have been better - but its cute and I'm sure my friend will like it.
And after 7 months of this book languishing on the shelf...I finally made something from it. Surprisingly easy. Except the bit where it said fold in seam allowance - tack - stuff - gather. The thread snapped 3 times whilst gathering - so I used embroidery thread in the end...sucessfully.


Country Bliss said...

Lovely bag and peg fairy, great idea to make lots of little cakes. Great cushion, it looks huge, I've only made the little strawberries.

MelMel said...

Great makes!
I think your pinny's are fab!!!
Thank you for popping in!
I love that paper....going to treat myself soon!
Look forward to seeing your wallpaper up!

angel said...

Oooh they are lovely Dollop, and what a great friend you are. Mwah X
I tried counting the cakes but i couldnt work it out.........

Joanne Brown said...

What wonderful creations!! Just to let you know - you have been tagged :) check out my blog!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful presents! How do you do it? Brill!