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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

christmas decs part 1

Lounge Fireplace

There isn't much new on here - just the Noel letters, and the vintage postcards were bought through the year so this is the first outing for them too!

Dining Room Fireplace

I have noticed one of the boys cutesy snow shakers has sneaked onto my fire surround!! I shall have to take pics at night - it looks so much better!!


Lace hearts said...

Claire, they look lovely. I need to get on with my decorations. This is putting me to shame! x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely mantelpiece with all the decs! Well done.

I don't have a mantelpiece at all BUT OH is just Farrow and Balling a chunky shelf to go on the wall over our ancient gas fire to make a pretend one. Was going to invest in a new gas fire and surround but looking at about £1000! This cheapskate solution will cost £8!

angel said...

Oh, Dollop that looks lovely Honey.
Snow shakers Lovely. *smile*

MaryPoppins said...

Gorgeous, I love the NOEL letters so cool :)

You are getting me in the mood for

Mary X