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Sunday, 14 December 2008

O Christmas Tree...

The other half nipped out on Saturday afternoon to purchase my trees, and came back with the most marvellous specimen and a sulky face!
He had taken our 3 year old with him, who hadn't really wanted to go out, so went to B&Q and in his haste, having to deal with the extreme windy rainy weather conditions and stress of having a whining child with him ( welcome to my world!!) he picked up a £30 non drop beeyootiful number.
Well, Ihave now been spoilt, and I have told him to put a pound in a pot every week next year so I can have the same tree again as it is gorgeous....however he was so in shock at having paid £30 (last years was half that!) that he refused to buy my smaller second tree for the dining room. I will have to pop out this week and 'accidentally' bring one home!! The big meany lol!!
I love my tree.
I don't 'do' the co-ordinated symmetrical decorated look, as you can see :) - edit to add now its on camera it looks bare.....must see what I can do about that ;)
Today has been grungy weather so as soon as there is something resembling natural light I'll take some more pics, and show you my pretties :)
So bring on christmas.....I am ready for the festivities now, we have pressies under the tree, the other half won't put mine under the tree until Christmas Eve late evening, when he is in the room to supervise me....this is my instruction as I can't help myself!! I love a surprise, I absolutely hate knowing what I will be given as a gift but I am worse than my children. I just have to squeeze and poke and guess (I'm pretty good at the guessing bit too ;)!!!)


Lace hearts said...

That tree looks fabulous and worth every penny! It doesn't look bare at all. Our tree went up on Sunday - fortunately it had stopped raining! x

Marianne said...

Thanks for you comment. We put up our tree last weekend. My boyfriend already almost "drowned" while wattering it. Now we don't need to watter it until Christmas ;-)

angel said...

Dollop, well done on conning him into buying thst lush tree, you will have to send a screaming child out with him next year... lol

Love and hugs Honey. mwah X x X x X x X x X x X