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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Here are the pics of my (almost) finished hallway. I say almost as the curtain needs hanging, I need to put up pictures and I need to but a shelf of some description for above the pew. I've decided instead of buying something just because the decorating is finished I will wait. From experience I know this will save me money as well as months of 'why did I buy that' ing!!
First of all before - or inbetween!(before was inherited lemon and blue 1980's wallpaper) Last Christmas, whilst the loft conversion was being done we decided to get the walls skimmed while the plasterers were in the thats nearly a year with pink plaster on the walls. **cue lots of sympathy**

And for some reason, this is the only pic of the hallway pre being done...which doesn't show you much - apart from the dark spindles and staircases and bare wood cupboards (built 2 christmases ago!!).
And now, lots of white paint, 2 rolls of Cath Kidston Antique Rose paper and some beige carpet later.
Ta Da!!

A tiffany lamp on the built in shelves, and something you may recognise Mary Poppins :)

The light fittings were from Next. I wanted chandeliers but the height was an issue as the other half is 6ft 2 and didn't fancy clonking his head every time he walked through - to be honest I probably wouldn't have let this minor detail stop me getting chandeliers had the coat cupboard not been able to open out!!

Like I say still bits to make it more homely, but I'm loving it. The CK paper still makes me swoon when I walk through the hall!!

And here it is with its Christmas finery on.... (baubles from lidl hung with gingham ribbon and bunting was extravagantly from Laura Ashley)


MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo Claire I love it, it is gorgeous :) We too have the lovely plaster here, everywhere LOL

It looks so pretty, and the lovely baubals look very quaint

We have a lovely little pew from an old Welsh Church and I love where you have your settle and the cushion on it is so cute

Brilliant :)


MaryPoppins said...

Mmmmm I love your Ladybird book, I sent one to a lovely lady, I wonder what she has done with it :)


Country Bliss said...

I think I'd swoon too, it looks gorgeous.
Love the LA bunting too.
Yvonne x

angel said...

Did i ever tell you i'm disliking you more and more each day..... its all so pretty, you are a little wondermaker, i love all you do and the idea of having a chandie in your hallway is brilliant, so what if oh cant get in or the cupboard door wont open/shut its these little things that get in your way... lol.
I dont know how you do it but i'm so glad you do.
Love and hugs honey Mwah. X x X x X x X x X x X

Hen said...

Your hall looks gorgeous. I just LOVE that particular Cath K wallpaper, I have a sample piece of it and sadly nowhere do I have a full wall to paper with it, though!
Hen x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh its so pretty and lovely!!! you must be very pleased every time you walk through the door :-)
i have those light fittings from next i think they are so nice and very reasonable as well!!!
i especially love the settle :-D