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Sunday, 28 December 2008

normal service will resume shortly....

We have had a great Christmas here...happy boys, fab presents, too much food.
The holidays are going by so quickly and we still have guests so I am struggling to get online as much as I'd like, and as for taking pics - I'm getting funny looks when I want to take photos of my presents or my lovely laid table!!!
So normal service will resume soon - I'll probably still be posting about Christmas at Easter!!

But I just want to mention CK before I go.....I was looking forward to the online sale after receiving a mini sale here comes the moan....when I went online things were different prices (higher) to the catalogue I received and all the Christmas things were still full price...why?? It was the 27th of December!! I live a trillion miles from a CK shop or outlet and although I received some fabulous Cath goodies as gifts, I was hoping for some post christmas treats too....... looks like Laura Ashley will get my christmas money - at least when they have a sale they do it properly!!!


MelMel said...

Yes th CK sale was rubbish, i had my eye on the candles..FULL PRICE!!!! WHY!?
Also some christmas stuff to put away for next yr....where was that?
Seems to have disappeared from the website, all in all very annoying!
I did buy some stuff, but not as much i thought, LA def better!

angel said...

Merry Christmas Dollop....... lol
Happy Easter... daft bat.... lol.

Cant wait to get to LA have loads i wanna buy...*smile*
I am very annoyed with CK so i amay give up being a Major fan and stick to LA. *shrug*

Love and hugs Honey.
Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X Mwah
"Happy New Year" to all the Dollop Family. X x X x X x X x X

sharie said...

I was all set up for having a little spending spree until I spotted what they had on offer! I gave it a miss. To be honest I was disappointed with all the sales stuff recently; I'll keep my money in my pocket for something else.

Raspberry Grace said...

Hi Dolly :)

I agree that the CK sale was not very good.. I was lucky enough to get a look in a shop and the only decently reduced thing I saw was napkins which were half price and a very large rose print bag reduced from £35 to £25... everything else just had a few squid off.

LA definitely wins in the sales!

Love, Rasp xx

Lace hearts said...

I agree with you - I've gone off CK a little because of their customer service, and having tried several times and failed to get their wallpaper, I went for an LA one instead. I think I'm more thrilled than I would have been as it was such a bargain as well in their sale.
I hope you had a fabulous Christmas. xxx

Anonymous said...

CK: I was given a gift voucher and I found I couldn't use it online, which was annoying. The nearest shop is 100 miles away so I ordered a catalogue, which still hasn't arrived. I hope someone from CK reads these comments: lovely things but the service could be improved.