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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Another catch up post :)

Thank You for all your well wishes for my wisdom tooth removal - it wasn't as bad as I thought, i don't resemble elephant man and there isn't the bruising I thought I'd get....I was fine a couple of days after but now all my teeth on that side hurt...a lot!! Now I have a pretty high pain threshhold (10lb2oz with no pain relief lol!!) and although my gorgeous husband thinks I could maybe be milking it...I am whinging a bit about how much pain I am in...and I am very thankful that my other wisdom teeth are all happy where they are lol!!
Whilst I was feeling sorry for myself - the very lovely Mary Poppins sent me a parcel. She had offered to get me some pillowcases to make my life a little easier :) and sent them to me with a parcel of lovelies for me....

All wrapped up in the lovely fabric you can see - a little something to brighten up my dusting experience...a sewing kit in vintage packaging and some CK spots...tissues and a mirror.
And.....check out my boy.......there's a new sherrif in town :) a dribbly sherrif!!!
Thank You Mary - we are both very happy - you are a very good friend xx

(picture taken in beirut...aka the loft conversion....aka the big boys bedroom!!! The green was chosen by themselves and every time I am up there I regret leaving the choice to them!!its not just green ...its GREEN!!!)

These are the pillowcases Mary got for me...after much debate chez us about new bedlinen - we/I decided on plain white with non matchy pillowcases and I fell in love with the CK boats.
(I have bought the Tesco duvet cover as a spare for when we fancy a change from white!!)

I haven't bought the boys (or anyone) a packaged easter egg this year, instead I copied an idea from last months Country Homes and Interiors and I did them a glass dish filled with assorted chocolate easter shapes and eggs.
bit too tempting for picking at when you walk by though!! They didn't last long!
I also took delivery of the latest CL magazine...did anyone else notice the greetings cards offer?

12 cards for £11 something...less than a pound a card...all images from the magazine...subscribers get a further 10% too...and its always handy to have a few cards in :)
I have a few catch up posts to do...we've had a birthday....and a party....and we are off to Featherdown Farm at the weekend...(I have 3 excited boys...1 of them is only excited if food is involved!!!)


bekimarie said...

I so badly want to go to Featherdown Farm but think it's out of the question this year. Hope you all have a great time!
I thought 8lb with no pain relief was good, you have my utter most respect.
Lovely goodies from Mary.
Take care
Beki xxx

Shabby Chick said...

I've not heard of Featherdown Farm but I hope you have a fab time! We are having a joint birthday party for the girls next month at a farm and I think it will be great fun (and less clearing up for mummy, teehee).

Lovely goodies from Mary, I love the pillow cases.

Glad you're not suffering too much with the tooth removal, it does sound scary! And WOW 10Lb2oz!!!! I thought 7Lb13oz with just gas and air was good ;)

Mel xxx

thriftymrs said...

Love those pillow cases, how lovely of Mary.

We went to Featherdown farm to visit our friend when they went camping there and it was WONDERFUL!

I hope you feel better soon.

And 10lb 2oz makes me eyes water. ;)